Monday, May 18, 2015

Breaking News: Southbridge Town Council Votes "No Confidence" In School Committee

By a vote of eight to one the Southbridge Town Council voted no confidence in the Southbridge School Committee this evening.
Councilor Amelia Peloquin was the sole member to vote against the motion.    

More to come.


  1. How EmbarrassingMay 18, 2015 at 11:13 PM

    It was obvious from the councilors' comments that they don't think all seven school committee members are dolts, just the four in the majority - and they're correct.

    But our school district continues to be a disgrace. The four in the majority should resign immediately for the good of the service, and the betterment of our children.

    It seems that everyone in town see how bad these four are. Why can't they?

    A vote of no-confidence ! How embarrassing!

  2. I can't imagine a more fitting epitaph to McLoughlin's reign of terror.

  3. How is the Council any better than the School Committee?

    Especially with the SC Leadership not running for re-election, what purpose does this vote of non confidence accomplish?

    It attempts to suggest that the School Committee is more messed up than our Town Council, but IS it?

    If the School Committee voted on their budget the Council vote might make more sense, but it IS the Council that determines the amount provided to the Schools.

    The schools have been doing poorly for a decade. It is not unlikely that there will be any significant improvement or decay no matter who is in charge. What is needed will not be provided by a Council that oversees a plumply staffed Town Government with no desire to reduce staff.

  4. Yikes, Nobody does retaliation better then our Town Council.

    I bet the School Committee thinks twice about not recognizing town council members at the podium in their future meetings.This School Committee has just been schooled on the proper way to retaliate, transparently on camera, and under the guise of not starting a search and most likely for kicking the Town Council's butts in the charity softball game too! Anyone else think they didn't shake hands and say a meaningless good game afterwards?

  5. It is funny how one meeting can change a voters perspective.

    Clemence got my vote the first time because I heard her claim she was a genetic Clemence, and that she saved Hyde's from ruin. Six years ago she was claiming we needed to build that Industrial Park Road, and that there was already 150 jobs on the way. Mr. Clark confirmed it. They even persuaded Apple to switch his vote based on the jobs and the property tax revenue from the Industrial Park.

    Where are the jobs Ms. Denise Beasoleil Clemence?

    That Council borrowed over $5 Million for that road, not paid for yet and not about to be paid for anytime soon, based on what many still consider fraud, yet the #1Cheerleader for that road is running for re-election, and instead of buying the McKinstry property and putting in an actual Industrial Park, they are breaking all precedence and stabbing the elected School Committee in the back with a behind-the-school-committee's-back dirty vote of no confidence.

    If I did not like half of them I'd try organizing a Total Recall.

    Kudos to Amelia Peloquin for having the grace and manners to not jump into that Pig Pile, and third of a Kudo to Gus Steeves for at least attempting not to jump in.

    Shame on the rest of you, not unlike Chris Christy claiming Monica Lewinsky needs to take off a few pounds..


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