Thursday, May 28, 2015

Do You Have A Copy Of The DESE Letter?

I have been told that the restructure plan was halted by a letter from the DESE to the School Committee. It was reported that this letter was passed around last evening. Could anyone in possession of this letter send me a copy at

Ken O'Brien


  1. The "letter" is actually an email sent at 2:27 PM on 5/26/15 (4.5 hours prior to the SV hearing on restructuring).
    The email is a synopsis of a conference call between McLaughlin, Donovan and high ranking DESE officials. Included in the synopsis is a bullet that states that the SC delay any vote on restructuring until DESE legal department could review the legality of this move.
    Another bullet recommended a uniform police officer be present at the meeting. (I understand that there was an officer there).
    2 questions: Why didn't the Chair make mention of this recommendation; Is DESE already running our schools?

    1. Have you put in a 'freedom of information request' for this message from on high?
      You shouldn't have to,but this is the 'bridge.

    2. I haven't. I thought that this appeal would bear fruit, but it has been only partly successful. I may have to go that route.

    3. Good Luck w/that!May 29, 2015 at 2:44 PM

      Ya...put in a request - it will take forever, they'll charge you $$$$ for research & copying and IF it does come to you - it will be all redacted - oh yeah, Ms Quinney did not know what 'redacted' meant when the terms was used some meetings ago - bet she knows now!!

      by the way - has anyone checked the Town Hall Calendar?
      Monday, June 1 - (1) School Budget/Finance Subcomm Mrg - 6PM- M100, Cole Avenue
      (2) SC Mtg of the Whole - 7PM - M100 Cole Ave
      (3) TC Mtg - Council Chambers, 7PM
      Tuesday, June 2 - SC Mtg - Council Chambers - 7PM
      Am unable to pull up the agendas for any of these mtgs....

    4. As manipulative as the Town has been in the past, such a request would bear fruit in less than two weeks, possibly two days, and cost as little as 50¢ for a paper copy, and the Town Clerk often waives that.

  2. never the teachersMay 28, 2015 at 6:41 PM

    It appears that the Town Council is, but if things get worse next year people will start blaming Scott Lazo again, especially if he gets elected.

    1. But just think of the fun of watching him and Brent every two weeks.

    2. never the teachersMay 28, 2015 at 10:56 PM

      If they set up pay per view they could make enough to purchase textbooks.

  3. It was nice to see our state Representative Peter Durant at last night's meeting

  4. Too much wuss to use my real nameMay 28, 2015 at 11:44 PM

    It amazes me how bad it just keeps getting. How many students are left in our schools? At $5000 a school choice slot, $3000 at Trinity, maybe the town should spend the summer helping the remaining students find spots. Maybe it would be cheaper than the current situation we're in.

  5. Hmmm...if the DESE Legal Beagels are reviewing the legality of this move, what about 3 years ago when the SC voted to go from 2 buildings/2 principals to 1 building/1 principal - 30 days before the opening of school????....very interesting.


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