Monday, May 25, 2015

Don't Miss The Restructure Rally At 25 Cole Ave

The show starts at 7 PM Tuesday in the auditorium.
You'll be told the procedures after you get there.

Refresments will not be served


  1. Aren't you missing the other three beauts, oh that's right they transparent. NOT

  2. We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the majority on this School Committee clearly defied the will of the community in extending the contract of the acting superintendent. There was no reason for the lengthy delay in naming a search committee. They clearly used the comments by Glenn Koocher as a rationale while he contradicted just about everything he said to the Boston Globe only a month earlier.
    Once they secured Stanton’s position, without even considering an alternative candidate, they moved ahead with this half-baked restructuring plan. The town may see the logic in two principals, but there was no discussion of the idea nor was there any way in which it factored into the committee’s proposed budget. That budget in fact has been a constantly moving target demonstrating their complete lack of knowledge of the process.
    Now we’re supposed to trust in the same wisdom that has given us a succession of four superintendents in three years. It’s time for us to stand up and say that we’ve had more than enough from these arrogant imbeciles and assure them that whatever they inflict upon us will be undone by their successors.

  3. Save our Schools --SOSMay 26, 2015 at 6:19 AM

    Why is this meeting being held at the Old High School and not in the new SMHS Auditorium? One of the major reasons that was given to put the Ed Channel in the new building was that meetings like these could be held there and televised live? So much for transparency.

  4. OK, there is a Restructure Rally at the High School, but is there a Rally against the restructuring anywhere?

    Me I figure there won't be no jobs anyway, so why waste money on these little brats by hiring another Principal and getting a new sign? Some of them teachers do a really good job getting the brats to drop out so we don't waste too much money. That"s the way to go. Maybe that Vice Principal that slugged the kid could train the teachers? The cops know how to reduce the bruises when the beat someone-maybe they can help train. If nobody sees it it didn't happen. Then we can run enough punks away so we can move the other schools up there too. More money saved on Principals and heat and plowing. Then we get more senior housing.

    We should teach them to grow vegetables, pick apples, and raise chickens so we can cut food stamps, too.

    Do we really need the janitors? Make the childrens that get detention do the cleaning up.

    Like Superintendent Ely said, when you look at that building, it is one school, so that one Principal is enough. We got a cop up there to help anyway. Don't cut that. They need discipline. More discipline, less taxes.


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