Thursday, May 14, 2015

Father Says Staff Member At Middle School Assaulted Son

Fox 25 News

A father says a staff member at a Southbridge school assaulted his son and then called him to apologize. FOX25 is working to get answers for that Southbridge father.

A staff member at Southbridge Middle/High School is involved in a DCF investigation and Thursday, FOX25 spoke with a father who says his son is at the center of that investigation. He told FOX25 that his 14-year-old special needs son is in the 7th grade and was assaulted by an assistant principal.

Reuel Pedro Rivera said, "He was late to lunch. I don't know how long he was, but he was late and they cornered them and started a shoving match."
His son is in the special needs program at the school and he didn't want his name mentioned in this report. But, what happened next was even more surprising. He says the assistant principal called him shortly after his son gave him the news.

"He was apologizing for putting his hands on my son," he said.
FOX25 isn't naming the administrator, we're working to verify the information independently. But the dad says he knows there was no reason for physical contact.

DCF tells FOX25 a report was filled with them and last week the superintendent's office says a staff member was involved in their investigation. Requests for more details were denied by the superintendent's office.

Tonight Rivera says that's just not good enough.

"I wanna know why. Why is he putting his hands; cause heaven forbid I slap my son or discipline my son DCF would be called, they'd pull him from me, and I'm an unfit parent, but when a teacher does it its gotta be an internal investigation," he said.

Southbridge police say the incident doesn't rise to the level of police action and that again, the school district is handling this as a personnel matter.

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