Friday, May 29, 2015

Look At The Timeline

Ken O’Brien

There appears to have been a hold put on the School District’s restructure plan as a result of input from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

But there remains the possibility that the proposal will still, somehow, receive the go ahead from the School Committee. The fact is that they have only a month left before the town election that could shift the balance of authority on that body. 

With every passing day the opportunity to implement the proposal is increasingly diminished. By the same token, the possibility increases that a successor committee could rescind a vote approving the plan and roll it back.

Earlier I noted that the proposal itself contained a letter of transmittal that was dated May 10th.

Today someone directed my attention to a posting on The position was posted for a Technology/Engineering Teacher.

In the description of the position there is a reference to “our evolving restructuring plan”.

The position was posted on SchoolSpring on May 5th.

In other words, the restructuring plan went from “evolving” on May 5th, to being set in stone on May 10th. 

Is it any wonder that the administration could not answer the simplest questions regarding its budgetary impact?

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