Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Moriarty Provides “Blow By Blow” Of Hearing On Facebook

Town Councilor Shaun Moriarty The debate over the proposed restructuring ought not to be about any individuals or personalities, but rather process and what works for the students.

Six speakers into public hearing, one supports restructuring while five others oppose it. Opposition complains about administrative turnover over recent years, while applauding efforts of current administration team.

More updates to come. 

Former Town Council Chairwoman Cathy Nikolla blasts School Committee for "allowing" former superintendent Buzz Nembirkow to "fire six shooters" and fire many staff members and faculty.
Nikolla says "the kids need vacation from change", and opposes restructuring at this time.

Former School Committee member, and candidate to return, supports two principals at Southbridge Middle/High School but not at this time, says time is needed to have strong district leader and not to rush through the restructuring. "I'd like to go to graduation and see one principal do two years in a row."

Former Southbridge Middle/High School teacher Mr. McHugh says acting superintendent Stanton carries "stain" of Nembirkow/Gardner administrations

Pajama-clad mom says child will soon enter middle school, supports restructuring after hearing second-hand about horrors. Only second of 12 speakers to support restructuring plan thus far.

Former School Committee Chairman Jack Jovan argues the hiring of a middle school principal is a good idea, but advertise that position while leaving Southbridge Middle/High School Principal Earls as high school principal. Says restructuring proposal came out last minute and wonders what priority is: Restructuring, ELL, kids, etc.

Community Organizer Lynne Simonds supports restructuring, complains about politics and rhetoric throughout tonight's public hearing.
Thus far, 3 of 15 speakers support proposal.

Terri Colognesi notes there is a timeline for restructuring but not for a superintendent search.

Staff member and mother of two Southbridge Middle/High School parents says she supports hiring a middle school principal, but opposes process of current administration having to reapply for their jobs.

Former teacher union president says middle school needs own principal, but not at expense of current administrative structure. Says belief otherwise is "silly"

After 90 minutes, public hearing draws to a close at former Southbridge High School on Cole Avenue. 17 of 20 speakers opposed quick restructuring plan.


  1. I’m not surprised that Lynne Simonds spoke in favor of the restructuring. She’s part of a group along with Erin Quinney and LeAnn Pate (Everything Southbridge) who are backing Ortiz, Shaw and Torres for school committee.

    1. Swing and A MissMay 27, 2015 at 12:28 AM

      There are only two seats open for school committee how exactly can they promote three candidates for two positions? Your logic and math is a bit funny and I suggest you remove Shaw from this equation. Ortiz and Torres share an election team facebook page. Shaw is not included with them so nice try there,

    2. Hey No Surprise
      Surprise!!!!! I don't care who gets on School Committee, because after June Southbridge will be paying for my kid to go a Level 2 School District. And there is no crime trying to help friends who are willing to put their names on a ballot and run for a seat no matter what seat they are running for.

  2. Wait to Select New SuperintendentMay 26, 2015 at 10:53 PM

    Lynne Simonds lives in Auburn. Why was she allowed to speak? The real reason? Is Big Mac getting anything from Community Connections? Only Southbridge residents should have spoke tonight.

  3. Webster is restructuring their schools.This process started five years ago, yet Southbridge wants to rush and to things half ass. This is why the leadership needs to really stop this right now, visit schools that have done this, create committees to study and provide recommendations and do it right.


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