Friday, May 22, 2015

Southbridge Town Council Committee Of The Whole Agenda - May 26, 2015

Southbridge Town Council

Committee Of The Whole

MacKinnon Council Chambers

May 26, 2015

6 PM



  1. The whole thing fails the smell test miserablyMay 23, 2015 at 2:13 AM

    If this meeting starts at 6 PM it will be an illegal meeting!

    The legal posting is done by the town clerks office who posted this meeting for 7 pm.
    Magically it has been changed here to reflect 6 pm in the agenda. However, The meeting can't start earlier then the legally posted time by the town authority that posts the meetings. The town website show the posted meeting for 7 pm.not 6 pm
    Event Date: May 26, 2015 - 7:00pm
    Related Agenda:
    Council of the Whole - Council Chambers
    Submitted on May 21, 2015 - 5:28pm
    Related Event: Council of the Whole - Council Chambers
    application/pdf icon201505211718.pdf

    "But it was posted wrong" - No I don't think so!
    Facebook conversations don't even jive with that line of thinking..
    They even provide the smoking gun, the facts, that the meeting was originally for 7pm. , Friday Noontime timestamp

    Amelia Peloquin Is it too late to move the budget meeting to 6pm? I'd really like to attend both meetings.

    Town Councilor Shaun Moriarty It is as Monday is a legal holiday, so the Open Meeting Law's 48 hour requirement can't be met.

    Amelia Peloquin Crap, I forgot Monday is a holiday.

    Town Councilor Shaun Moriarty The School meeting was posted with 30 minutes to spare.

    Amelia Peloquin This is ridiculous.

    On moving the Tc meeting from 7 to 6:00 when the legal posting says 7pm -
    Town Councilor Shaun Moriarty The whole thing fails the smell test miserably.

    I agree this whole thing is Ridiculous and No it doesn't pass the smell test.
    Who isn't retaliating and who isn't in full vendetta mode in this town?
    The town council has lost just as much trust and confidence from this community as it has in the school committee. This is very sad to say. When meetings get moved like this one has been, to allow councilors to go to the school restructuring hearing, well it's time to be very careful of which (if any) elected official to believe anymore.
    When Moriarty said -
    Town Councilor Shaun Moriarty One way or another, Councilors will be able to attend this "special meeting".
    - did anyone expect this type of political shenanigans?

    1. If you look HERE you’ll see that the original agenda document bearing the Town Clerk’s time stamp states that the meeting is at 6.

    2. The whole thing fails the smell test miserablyMay 23, 2015 at 2:48 AM

      This is a lot like staple gate in that town councilors have and do lie to us.
      I'm not buying it and neither should you!

      When Amelia Peloquin asked if the meeting could be moved to 6 pm Shaun Moriarty didn't say it already is at 6 pm check your packet.
      No, What he said was " It is as Monday is a legal holiday, so the Open Meeting Law's 48 hour requirement can't be met. "

      I agree with what Shaun Moriarty said about the OML.
      Every town Council meeting starts at 7 pm. Since he schedules and arranges the postings of the meetings with the Town Clerks office he would of known if it was already scheduled for 6pm.
      The town Clerk posted this for 7 pm for a reason and The whole thing fails the smell test miserably .

    3. The only conclusion that can be drawn from what you are saying is that the someone in the Town Clerk's office is complicit in fraud. Do you wish to make that allegation?

  2. The whole thing fails the smell test miserablyMay 23, 2015 at 12:38 PM

    I supposed there is another alternative in that:

    Amelia Peloquin didn't know the correct time of the meeting, where as,
    Shaun Moriarty forgot what time he scheduled the meeting for, and where as,
    Someone in the town Clerks office made a mistake in the meeting post.

    Regardless of those very few an unlikely options that would all have to happen at the same time - Since the meeting was posted for 7 pm if it starts at 6 pm it is an illegal meeting.

    Further our town council owes us all an explanation especially if they expect transparency from others. What exactly happened here ?
    I'm willing to give them a chance to try to explain but it sure looks like the whole thing fails the smell test miserably

    1. The error was in the REPORTED posting. The law is quite clear that the document as submitted and time stamped represents the actual posting. The legal doctine res ipsa loquitur (the thing speaks for itself) would uphold this interpretation.

  3. The whole thing fails the smell test miserablyMay 23, 2015 at 1:08 PM

    Have you been to Shaun Moriartys facebook page to read these comments made by these two councilors?

    If "Mistakes were made" is going to pass on this smelly issue then who is going to hold the towns clerk office ACCOUNTABLE?
    - Cuz that always goes so well!

    1. Good luck on pursuing this. Based on the available evidence the meeting is set for 6 PM. Any other reported time is contrary to the primary document and must therefore be assumed to be in error (unless, as I stated earlier, you wish to implicate someone in the Clerk's office in perpetrating a fraud).

  4. The whole thing fails the smell test miserablyMay 23, 2015 at 1:29 PM

    They were upset because the public hearing was scheduled at the same time as their meeting.
    Two councilors do not know the time of the meeting including the one who scheduled the meeting and had a hand in drafting the agenda.
    One councilor wants to change the meeting time to 6 and the other one says you can't due to Open meeting law time lines.
    Suddenly there after The town Clerks office has two times for this posted meeting.
    It's really funny who gets away with what in this town and who can't even breathe without getting vilified.
    There is no denying that the facebooks comments are there for all to see and the posted meeting time on the town website says 7 pm - Everyone can decide for themselves.

  5. Pot Calling Kettle BlackMay 23, 2015 at 3:01 PM

    Seems to me the more attending the school committee meeting the better. If it's a worthwhile plan then I would want as many people as possible to learn about it and spread the words of support.

    As for the scheduling "snafu" that appears to be a deliberate attempt my the SC to keep counsel members away.

    Wasn't it McLaughlin that complained about this in the schools being scheduled at the same time?

    1. the ends justify the meansMay 23, 2015 at 5:50 PM

      I get it - when the SC does bad lets fry their butts . When the TC does bad its ok their intentions were good and of course the ends justify the means with the control of power. Southbridge politics at its best!. The sad part about this is that the reason we are in such turmoil is because we allow our elected officials to behave this way then pigpile on the weakest link when their chips are down..

    2. Ends justify, you hit the proverbial nail on the head a drove it through with one comment.

      In the past eight years, at least five Councils exceeded the current School Committee's apparent failures, but yet very few people dared speak truth to power.


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