Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stop The Lame Duck Quack-Up

Ken O’Brien

It seems clear that this town has had enough of the ineptitude of the majority running the school committee. If any further proof of that was needed it came in the vote by the Town Council expressing its lack of confidence in that board.

The problem remains, however, that prior to their departure the Chair and Vice-Chair seem intent on ramming through actions that will long outlast their remaining tenure.

If they have any integrity left (a doubtful proposition at best) they should resign their positions immediately. Clearly they are aware of the public sentiment that has prompted them not to seek reelection. One of them is even going so far as preparing to leave town.

Anyone with any concern over the future of this community should be present at next Wednesday night’s meeting and use the Public Input portion of the meeting to demand that these miscreants step down before they can inflict any more damage on the town.


  1. Will you, Mr. O'Brien, be attending next Tuesday's meeting?

    1. I am still recuperating from recent surgery which limits my ability to do anything involving extended time commitments.


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