Monday, May 25, 2015

Telegram Article Focuses On Bishop Candidacy

Ken O’Brien

The Worcester Telegram is reporting on former Southbridge High School Principal William Bishop’s candidacy for the School Committee in an article entitled “Fired principal running for school board in Southbridge” by Brian Lee.

The article states, “One month before opening the middle-high school on Torrey Road in 2012, then-high school Principal William K. Bishop was shown the exit, in a controversial, last-minute job elimination.
“Mr. Bishop, who had a year left on his contract and had expressed a desire to retire after fulfilling it, is now running for School Committee of the underperforming district in the June 30 election.

“At the same time, the 60-year-old has a lawsuit against the district alleging age discrimination was then-superintendent Eric D. Ely's motive when he eliminated Mr. Bishop's job in favor of a dual principal post for the middle-high school. The job was given to a since terminated administrator who was 36 at the time.
“If elected, Mr. Bishop said he would recuse himself from matters related to his complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, which has a three-year backlog on cases.”

Regarding the current situation “Mr. Bishop said he can no longer sit and watch the district's downslide.
“He said he has counted six middle-high school principals since the school was built, a ‘ghastly’ rate of turnover.
“’I’m surprised a principal can know the staff, let alone the kids,’ Mr. Bishop remarked.”

Addressing the proposal to restructure the Middle/High School, “Mr. Bishop criticized acting Superintendent Sheryl Stanton's proposed restructuring of the middle-high school, which calls for putting a principal and two instructional resource specialists in each building. 
‘Mr. Bishop asserted that the proposal has the ‘appearance of being done for the wrong reasons’ and that seven staff members who have been asked to reapply for jobs were possibly being targeted, in the same manner that he was targeted.
‘He predicted that district legal and unemployment costs, which during the last three years were more than $400,000 and $700,000, respectively, would continue to soar if the restructuring comes to fruition.

“Asked about the candidate's assertions, Ms. Stanton said that her administration does not make decisions with political motives in mind.”


  1. Remember Jonathan JacobsonMay 25, 2015 at 2:50 AM

    Notice how he didn't bring up Jonathan Jacobson arbitration case as the reason he wasn't the first principal of SMHS. Which, cost this town big money and bad standing with the state. People in this community were outraged and especially here on this blog that evaluations were needlessly and fraudulently changed, and attendance records and discipline records were questioned during this period of amazing improvement under his watch.
    one commenter said this: .
    AnonymousApril 6, 2012 at 12:19 AM
    page 38 makes you really wonder about just how badly these records are being fudged at the Highschool for appearances and state record rankings. This poor guy saw something wrong and tried to do something about it. He didn't or couldn't play by Bishop's established and unspoken rules and paid the price as a victim in this retaliatory action.

    Jacobson followed the rules and just didn't fit into .... " THE SOUTHBRIDGE STANDARD "

    Leave it to a good math teacher to notice irregularities in Attendance, tardy and disciplinary records.


    For those that don't know or need a reminder about what this candidate is capable of please review the Jonathon Jacobson case and weigh it against the campaign promotion.

    I find it interesting that as soon as he gets back involved with following education in this town we have turmoil and an attempt at outing the Superintendent over a restructure that every one has long been calling for.

    Southbridge haven't we had enough of our schools being run by people doing things for the wrong reasons? Where is the new blood? Do we really want to put our trust in someone who just three years ago so publicly earned our distrust? Are we really suppose to be that forgetful of the past this election cycle because of current politics?

  2. Been there, done that, long ago moved on to greener pasturesMay 25, 2015 at 8:47 AM

    To: Remember Jonathan Jacobson

    It is funny that this is the only negative that you can raise about BB is the Jacobson affair. After reading the document at the link provided, it all comes down to administrative oversight and procedural errors.

    Jacobson was a loose cannon. Some of the things that he did, and was verbally reprimanded for were quite bazaar. One example of this is that an administrator had to ride his soccer bus to keep the students in line. This is just one of the things that went on in Jacobson's time at SHS. Believe me there are many more, but BB did not want to ruin his teaching career.

    In closing, if this is all that you have that is negative then vote for the other guy.

    1. Repeat and do it all wrong againMay 25, 2015 at 2:00 PM

      To Been there, done that, long ago moved on to greener pastures
      Even in this very blog there were posting of Jacobson case against Southbridge, Maybe Bishop doesn't like the taste of the same medicine he gave to Jacobson. Maybe you should read those very posting and the comments,

      Bishop is part of the hundreds of thousands in lawsuits. He says he would recuse himself yeah right, If you believe that one I have a bridge I would like to sell ya.

      This district is a MESS more so the MSHS, in the recent school works review it clearly states that the teacher have no support nor do the kids. But all this foolish town can do is campaign with negative remarks, lies, and foolish thinking. Oh please don't fire the principal she is wonderful, okay if she is so wonderful then she has nothing to worry about, right? Oh don't fire the vice principals they are wonderful too, again then they have nothing to worry about.
      When will people focus on the kids? Everyone from the parents right on up to the Superintendent. Home sales blow in this town, if you want out you take a massive hit to wallet on the sale of your home. No parent in their right mind will move here until our schools are out of level four. Remember this has been going for decades now, so lets not forget those who have had a hand in our school district as Bishop says "district's downslide". He whines in the article about be fired which was by Ely, when he decided to go from two principals to one and now Stanton wants it the way it was intended and she a villain.
      Have the state take us, no don't have the state take us... There is no clear solution to this problem, this is a easy fix, everyone has to undermined the school district, right Town Council?
      I certain have had enough of the political smearing, insults, and finger pointing. So this June anyone who has or is holding any town seat, will not get my vote and Bishop definitely won't get my vote either. All I can think of is the crazy Susan Powter from the 90's "Stop the Insanity"!

    2. Remember Jonathan JacobsonMay 25, 2015 at 7:44 PM

      To: Been there, done that, long ago moved on to greener pastures-

      Your title and reply sounds more like a cover up rather than an admission of guilt to be learned from.

      Funny, both sides had equal opportunity to state their cases and the arbitrator took the rare decision to not side with a building principal and for good cause being unnecessary dishonesty.
      We want transparency from our school committee and this report shows how Bill Bishop changed teacher evaluations reports to bully and retaliate against Jonathan Jacobson because he didn't like his disability and because Jacobson had documentation of rules being broken by the one with administrating oversight and clearly lacking procedural integrity,

      Funny isn't that the political question against the current superintendent? Being charged with a rush to implementation of a restructure plan and financial implications of that procedure? Except she hasn't changed anyone else's work or documentation but has ran into the Southbridge political machine for making a change that everyone has said is needed.

      I see Bill Bishop's candidacy as nothing but pure hypocrisy and vengeful politics. I don't believe for one minute that he will drop his lawsuit but, I do believe he will lose it. A legal arbitration case where he was found guilty of altering records of various types will hopefully speak volumes to any judge and to any voter. No voter should be threatened with a vote me in and I'll drop my losing lawsuit threat. What a campaign promise that is!

      As to not ruining Jacobson's teaching career then why the underhanded dishonesty in changing the teacher evaluation reports of other evaluators?

      Since Jacobson didn't have his three years professional status yet this dishonest changing of records was completely unnecessary. Bill Bishop didn't need to provide any reason at all to not renew Jacobson but instead he went out of his way to try to ruin Jacobson's career.. He misused his position there and finally got caught and held accountable.

      Thats Bullying and retaliation hypocrisy at it's best. That's what is being claimed of the current people that no one likes so in asking for more of the same with Bishop it is pure insanity and clearly not the needed cure on our school committee.

      In closing, if all you have for Bill Bishop's defense is a blame the other guy defense and failing to admitting what an arbitrator found Bill Bishop guilty of doing then yes, I will "vote for the other guy or girl " as should all other voters. I will put the kids first and his dirty dishonest politics in my rear view mirror where they belong.


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