Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Telegram Reports On No Confidence Vote

Ken O’Brien

Reporting that the “Town Council said it will send letters about the vote to the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and acting school Superintendent Sheryl Stanton.” Brian Lee recounted last evening’s stunning turn of events.

He noted that, “The no confidence vote was approved 8-1. The council cited as its rationale a dissatisfaction with the school board’s decision last week to again delay the search for a superintendent, and a proposal by the schools to restructure the middle-high school with two principals, among other reasons. The middle-high school on Torrey Road now has a lone principal, and the restructuring will have budget implications late in the process, councilors said.”

The article recounted the School Committee Chairman’s response as follows: “Reached Tuesday, School Committee Chairwoman Lauren C. McLoughlin said the council’s no-confidence vote was out of order because the panel lacked jurisdiction. ‘Out of respect for the jurisdiction of the School Committee, the Town Council ought to respect the decisions of the School Committee – just as the School Committee would be expected to respect decisions by the Town Council over matters in which they have exclusive legal jurisdiction,’ Mrs. McLoughlin said.”

The remainder of the article can be viewed at Southbridge council votes no confidence in school board


  1. The Southbridge PenitentiaryMay 19, 2015 at 9:32 PM

    Stanton’s approach to the schools is to blame the bulk of our problems on the parents. She proposes a whole new internal sub-structure to deal with children “traumatized” by situations at home. What next? Do we have these children taken from their parents and put into some kind of community care facility where they can be raised according to her perception of proper parenting?
    The reality is that the management of our schools has been so abysmal that we’ve driven the vast majority of students with any promise of developing in a sound and reasonable manner to other districts. This very fact has created a culture devoid of virtually any appropriate role models. As a consequence we have the equivalent of a prison culture where the most anti-social behaviors are reinforced and popularized. The result is that the principals have been transformed into wardens and the teachers into corrections officers.
    To top it all off, she’s asked for a budget increase that had no chance of being approved and that she’ll be able to use as a future excuse for failure.

    1. Be a better parentMay 20, 2015 at 3:18 PM

      This is pure fiction but perhaps because some believe it enough to say it maybe we really do need such a program.
      If your kid is having problems with the limited discipline at school than perhaps they learned that from your limited parenting skills.
      I serious doubt some new discipline policy has been implemented in the complete makeover of the school policy handbook but I'll leave you with this.

      Better to learn discipline in school then to learn discipline from a corrections officer later on.

      You are responsible for the behaviors of your child and if you don't provide a positive discipline role model for your child to follow, and leave it to others to do so , it usually is too late, Failure to be a proper parent is failing your child and Southbridge has far too many failing parents. If you leave it up to the village to do your job well then you are directing your child to the actual culture and community you describe above to properly discipline your young adult with three hots and cot. .

  2. Could the 450 special education students and 100 heroin addicted students have ANYTHING to do with the challenges of our schools?

    No? How all the students LEGALLY doped up on ridalin and other drugs for their ADHD, etc.?

    Could they possibly need the $2 million they asked for? Shrewsbury voted for a 2.5% increase this year, as they often do. Wealthy towns and poor towns all suffer the same increases.

    Keep the Clemence's Real Estate taxes down at Hyde's and at home, No New Taxes" Read our lips!!

    We spend a MILLION PLU$ on legal fees ( Thanks Girls) but we need to ration teachers and schoolbooks?

    Only in Southbridge!!!


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