Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Breaking News: School Committee Defeats Restructure Proposal

By a vote of four to two the School Committee defeated Acting Superintendent Stanton's plan to restructure the Middle/High School.

Voting against the proposal were Chairman McLoughlin, and members Raymond Page, Christopher Olivo and Jill Congdon. Voting for it were members Brent Abrahamson and Erin Quinney. Committee Vice-Chair Kara Donovan abstained.


  1. The things you see and hearJune 3, 2015 at 1:02 AM

    Breaking news a bully councilor flips off the Superintendent and is escorted out of the meeting. Too bad the rest of the councilors and assorted staff behaving badly in the audience weren't escorted out too! Pure evil and disrespect being said by people who should know better. You'll never gain back the reputation, confidence or trust that was obviously misplaced in you all.

    So now we don't have two principals which everyone wanted and for what, Stability?
    The hypocrisy of those that want Stability (AKA saving a friends job) want instability by getting rid of the acting Superintendent. You simply can't have it both ways and be the champion of stability. Not one of you made an educational argument on how it would benefit the kids. It was all to save Mrs Earls job. The favors she must now owe.

    The fact that I'm writing this means there are those who don't agree with the organized wear red crowd. Therefore there is no unity in the community as proposed by Mr Olivo and you have to acknowledge that there is still division. Yes, division that has led to threats on family members that at least one of spoon stirrers now feels bad about. Even in victory people don't know how to act and flip off officials during a televised public meeting. how disgraceful!
    This Town is freaking nuts! Last one awake open up the door for the state because they will be here soonest with their own restructure plan. Fan - Vecchia Flipping -tastic.

    1. Stanton has been repudiated by her own devotees on the School Committee. She now has to spend a year trying to function as a discredited and disrespected figurehead. Better she should resign and go join Gardner on the ashram.

    2. Apple being AppleJune 3, 2015 at 11:57 AM

      There is no excuse for Apple's behavior - and they were right in having him removed; remember when people used to say - "Oh, it's just Manny being Manny" - well, this was Apple being Apple and should come as no surprise - how many times have there been 'issues' w/him over the years both on and off the Council - BUT PEOPLE KEEP ELECTING HIM!!!! Seriously, he really seems to be getting worse and worse. At the very least his action demands a public apology - both written and from the deis.

      I'm curious? who are the 'spoon stirrers' ???? And who made the threat on what family members?? Is this the reason for the executive session re: possible criminal matters????

    3. Perhaps he should take a Peloquinesque Time Out - certainly would not want the Town Manager Nominees to get the wrong impression of Spectown.

  2. Watch out for Flying MonkeysJune 3, 2015 at 5:46 AM

    So, if the vote confirms the restructure plan was a veiled attempt by the acting superintendent to carry out her vendetta, then why does she still have a job? Does anyone think that Stanton doesn't have other tricks in her arsenal. ... Will she send in the flying monkeys. Or maybe the SC is sowing poppies to quell the hoi polli with plans send a tornado in the middle of the night, just before the elections.

    1. The vote did NOT confirm that the restructure plan was a veiled attempt at getting rid of Earls & Caccace - the vote did NOT confirm that a 1 school/1 principal plan was better than a 2 schools/2 principals - what the vote did confirm was that a serious undertaking such as this should not be rammed down the taxpayers throats less than 30 days before the new fiscal year.

      When the DESE evaluation is done in the Fall, and they make their recommendation - the new SC - and it may very well be the 2 & 2 plan - the Stanton plan will most certainly be reviewed - then the new Superintendant (Stanton or not) can put together
      a team of individuals that will help meet the common goals set forth by the DESE and the SC;

      All this did was buy Ms Earls (and other) a little time - if she's such a screw up - she'll screw up again - and there will be more documentation to that effect, instead of rumors and inuendos (remember - she has a 3 yr contract)....and if the 2 school plan goes into effect next year - the contracts issue will be dealt with at that time.

  3. I hate to admit it but giving the finger is an expression of free speech like it or not and for being escorted out..look out civil liberties

  4. Censure the apple coreJune 3, 2015 at 2:19 PM

    Yes the bird is considered free speech but not when it disrupts a public meeting.
    You have the right to yell fire in a crowded room but you also can and should be held accountable and responsible for your action.

    Vecchia should be censured! As a councilor he needs to be held to the higher standard or else everyone will go up to citizen's forum and flip off the council. I don't think anyone wants that.

  5. Your wrong there is a big difference yelling fire in a crowded room than giving someone the finger...research it...its unprofessional and I agree uncalled for but a form of protected rights I believes the 2 admedment.. Yell fire in a crowded room is not a protected right....just saying

  6. Censure the apple coreJune 4, 2015 at 12:57 AM

    Um sorry George you're wrong. I suppose its easy to confuse the first amendment with the second amendment when dealing with Apple. After all he previously wrote threatening letters to himself (1st amendment issue) and his guns were confiscated (2nd amendment issue) .
    As I said the bird is considered free speech but not when it disrupts a public meeting.
    Apple did just that by acting out his fiery political debate to Jerry Springer levels.
    He walked out before the the last TC meeting was over and now this all in one week.
    Apple Vecchia should be censured!

  7. I don't disgree about his behavior totally uncalled for unprofessional. Where I disagree with is whether his action caused a disruption of a meeting or not. From watching the video to me it appears not, watch closely it appears that the chair didn't even know that it happen until another committee member leaned over to tell her. There was more of a disruption from the audience clapping than him. That's all . I will also agree that he should have some type of action taken by his colleagues such as a public scolding. No matter I just think its a protected form of speech that we all enjoy. The other problem is the voters never learn they brought him back. Thanks for the dialogue that's it on the subject. More important issues need to be addressed like fixing the broken schools


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