Saturday, June 20, 2015

Contact Your Town Councilors About Casella's Amendment

Those wishing to contact Town Councilors on the Casella matter can reach them at the following phone numbers and/or email addresses.

                                                                   Phone                                     email                 .
Shaun M. Moriarty                           774-230-6870
Amelia L. Peloquin                           413-695-5289
Denise Clemence                               508-764-7642
Esteban Carrasco, Jr.                       774-230-8542
Conrad L. Vandal                             508-764-4831
Monique S. Manna                           774-230-0156
George P. Steeves                              508-764-8042
Albert D. Vecchia, Jr.                       508-764-1484
Miguel Estrada                                  508-909-6943

1 comment:

  1. Thank you to the councilors who voted against the amendment.. The sooner that "dump" is capped the better off the town will be.. The trucks will stop coming and the air will be breathable again. Business and people will come here again..


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