Saturday, June 20, 2015

One More Time...


  1. The Broad is a FraudJune 20, 2015 at 12:33 PM

    The Southbridge Community Connections Broad is a Fraud.
    She is simply using our tax payer dollars to substantiate her own existence.

    Mission Statement: SCC will work to establish a strong coalition among residents, service providers, local government, businesses and the faith community.

    That is laughable like the gullible pair she convinced to run for school committee, last time and this time.
    Why is an out of towner who is laughed at in Worcester now sticking her nose into Southbridge politics?

    GO HOME!

  2. She's been doing it for years. Government funded activism. What a shame.

  3. She's been a troublemaker for a long time - but she flies under the radar and gets others to do her bidding; I felt sorry for those young women who came into the debate totally unprepared - shame on Ms Simonds for throwing them under the bus; if I was them, I would be very upset w/her; it was embarassing - and totally unnecessary; but she's been hitting the streets w/them - signing up the Spanish voters - not that that's a bad thing - I think that's great - but voting for someone simply because they are Spanish and not because of their stance on the issues - that is a bad thing;

    Good for them tho, to have had the courage to run - and if they do not get elected - perhaps they will try again and be better prepared next time.


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