Saturday, June 6, 2015

Southbridge School Committee Agenda - June 9, 2015

Southbridge School Committee Meeting

MacKinnon Council Chambers

June 9, 2015

7 PM



  1. Save our Schools --SOSJune 6, 2015 at 8:17 AM

    It never ceases to amaze me that the Fab Four don't seem to get it. They should put in the acting superintendent's contract "not to exceed June 30, 2016. This would give the next formation of the school committee the flexibility of accelerating the superintendent search and selecting a new superintendent as soon as possible. They may select Stanton, but at least give them the opportunity to do so.

  2. Another item that should be discussed at the school committee meeting is that dreadful graduation exercise held Friday evening. That was the worst exercise in the history of Southbridge High School. Who was in charge of putting that together? This was so bad heads should roll !! Awful! I hope its on cable to prove my point !

  3. John, This is what happens when you have two secretaries running graduation exxercises. Mr. Montigney better run this on TV so everyone can see!

  4. I have to agree, it made our school and town look like s@#$. Total disgrace. That ceremony should be the shining star of our school district. If this is the shing star I fully understand the Level 4 status.
    Did any read the two student speeches prior to the ceremony?
    I have to agree, heads should role. The principal knows Stanton and Quinney are gunning for her. Well she gave them a whole lot of bullets with that s@#$ show.

  5. One of our town councilors has weighed in on facebook about the budget. She is trying to raise the ire of the hoi polloi saying that the kindergarten class size was going to be 28. If that is so, then I think the new interim superintendent has some explaining to do about her budgetary allocations.

    Some questions to ask:

    1. Do we need all of these administrative positions and staff at the central office? Can't we do more with less?

    2. Do elementary schools need vice principals?

    3. Why do we need all these academic coaches, don't we have department heads?

    4. Please explain what exactly each budget line is supposed to fund?

    The new interim superintendent is going to use the age old scare tactic of cutting sports, increased class sizes (funny how administrators say that class size doesn't make a difference when they are not faced with a budget crisis.), and, in this case no new science textbooks.

    They know that the NEASC is coming in for its twice, or more, delayed visit. The district administration is setting us up for another round of either probation or loss of accreditation. It could be said that one of the major reasons that Stanton wanted the re-organization as quickly as now is because if you split the middle school off from the high school they may be able to delay the NEASC another year. And, if that didn't work then with the two schools split the focus for NEASC would just be on the high school because NEASC does not accredit middle schools.

    There is a whole catalog of changes that must be made to the way they are conducting education at the middle / high school. Just check out the NEASC's website. If you want to look at the standards you can find them here: . if you notice the date is 2011, they were initially published in 2009 or 2010. So, the things that they must comply with are not new. They have known about them for quite some time. Buzz, when asked about the NEASC said that no one pays attention to them anymore.... Well, ask anyone who was around the last time we got hammered by them.

    It is sad that the years of work that Dale Hanley and Bill Bishop and his staff put in to address all the shortcomings of the last NEASC visit have been flushed down the drain in 3 short years by administrative incompetence, arrogance, and vendettas.

    I don't think that there is anything that this acting superintendent, or the present school committee, can do to stop the NEASC from putting the middle / high school on probation or even pulling its accreditation. However, there are some things that the soon to be elected school committee can do ameliorate it.

    1. Appoint a new (not interim) superintendent as soon as possible.

    2. Give serious consideration to the Jr. High Model vs the Middle School Model. (It allows for 9th graders to mature for one more year before being thrust into high school. And, it leaves 6th graders at the elementary schools where they have another year to grow into going to a jr. high school setting.)

    3. Reduce the size of the Administration and administrative staff throughout the district. This will free up some money to be spent directly in the classrooms and on students.

    4. Once these have been accomplished, then it is time to approach the new town council for additional funds to accomplish well thought out and vetted plans for improvement.

  6. Take a look at and go the the middle/high school page. There you will find that the office staff consists of over 20 people??? Seriously?

  7. What Happened????June 7, 2015 at 7:37 PM

    Lessons to learn from the horrendous 2015 graduation ceremony at SMHS.
    1. Do not instruct the students to walk in unison to their seats. They looked ridiculous! Walking normally would be best.
    2. Have the English Dept. teachers check and recheck all speeches to be delivered by students. Both needed work.
    3. Hand out diplomas as the final part of the ceremony! The most embarrassing part of this ceremony was when everyone thought it was over. It truly should have been, the rest was horrible to sit through.
    4. Where was the faculty? In the past they were celebrated by walking in front of their students. Classy and memorable. They were not even acknowledged this year. Poor Planning.

    You all can do better than this! I give you a "D"

  8. Dear Mrs. Earls, Principal of SMHS,
    How did you allow this embarrassing graduation to occur? Why didn't you take control of the situation when parents were going on the field and ask them to return to their seats? Why did they have that poor girl whisper everyone's introductions and try to get control of the out of control situation that was occurring? Why couldn't you wear an outfit that was appropriate? So many problems for a quick, informal, careless ceremony. WHY?

  9. There is absolutely no excuse for the embarassing graduation exercises.

    Your first graduation exercise Mrs. Earls??? It was # 54 for Southbridge....sad, sad, sad that you did not take the time to look through old programs, WATCH VIDEOs of the last few years - talk to staff that had participated in previous graduation ceremonies - and if, in fact, the 'secretaries' were in charge - this was not their first ceremony - NO EXCUSE.

    Where were the faculty? How special it was the last few years, when faculty processed in - wearing in their academic dress (a tradition started by Dr Hanley) - their hoods denoting the degrees they have achieved - a statement to the new grads - and the community. You missed a golden opportunity Mrs Earls, to show everyone that the students come first - and the faculty is united in that effort - and you are all a team.

    Speeches/addresses have ALWAYS been reviewed and tweeked by the English Dept - written/rewritten/polished - and rehearsed. Why did that not happen?????

    This was supposed to be a graduation - a solemn, meaningful, respectful, dignified event - not a backyard barbeque; having the graduation outside makes it even more difficult to establish & maintain dignity - some audience members think they are at a sports event.

    You had the opportunity to demonstrate to your nay sayers that you can lead - that you can take charge and control the situation - you failed miserably - how shameful. I agree with a previous responder that you have provided tremendous fuel to those who wish to see you gone - and they have it on tape for all the world to see. You will have a hard time finding support after this debaucle.

  10. let her go....PleaseJune 8, 2015 at 2:40 PM

    Mrs. Earls is a disgrace. She has absolutely no leadership skills and only cares about herself. Not the future of any student at the middle high school. She doesn't know how to discipline, there are many times students have walked with their headphones in or hats on and have been told to take them out or off and they would reply "the principal just saw me she didn't say anything" and they would continue on their way doing as they wanted due to having a principal and assistant principal who care about social status not the students. It doesn't shock me that the graduation was as awful as it was. I watched one of the secretaries walk out about a half hour before it what does that say? Earls walks around completely unprofessional, showing off every tattoo she has, not the look of an administrator, they should be covered up while at work. But then again look at her dress for the prom, she was practically falling out of it, not appropriate at all for faculty or staff let alone the principal. I'm sorry but Earls needs to go and hopefully her minions will follow. That's the only shot Southbridge has! She has proven she can not handle this job, now its time to do right by the kids so lets get someone who can.

  11. I find these remarks about Mrs. Earls, unsigned with real names, highly curious after the recent vote to put off the restructure. I can't help but wonder if they are an organized campaign by a few individuals.

    1. Southbridge politics is like a never ending gang war.

    2. Christine BerardJune 8, 2015 at 3:52 PM

      No Ken...I do not believe that this is an organized campaign - as was stated in prior posts - the push to put off the restructure was not an organized campaign to save Mrs Earls - tho, some people did think that - the push to put off restructure - was just that, a vote to put off restructure - and for it to be done - because it was best for the student community and not as a tool for removing administrators. Mrs. Earls & others got a temporary pass and a chance to redeem herself/themselves - OR - enough rope to hang herself/themselves.

  12. solving fractionsJune 8, 2015 at 3:22 PM

    You can only stick your neck out for somebody so far before it gets chopped off.
    We are seeing that now.
    Defend against 1st supt. - good for her
    Defend against 2 Supt - again good for her
    Tainting a graduation ceremony - enough is enough and it's bad for us.
    Math maybe challenging but the common denominator has to be found before you can solve the equation.

  13. Watch out for Flying MonkeysJune 8, 2015 at 4:06 PM

    Flying monkey poop can be deadly....

  14. I just watched the graduation exercise on Southbridge Cable Access and I have to wonder about the seeming level of outrage. Granted that the break before the valedictorian's speech was unfortunate, but it was resolved quickly. As for the speeches, I think the problem lay more in the hands of those who wrote and delivered them than anywhere else. And as far as Mrs.Earls attire, what was wrong with it?
    What I did see was a lot of affection between the Principal and the students as they received their diplomas.

  15. Is the graduation going to be put on Youtube since it has been thrust into the current political battles within the S/C and School Department?


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