Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Southbridge Town Manager Candidates Named

Ken O'Brien

The candidates for town manager are Westfield Mayor Daniel M. Knapik, Michael E. Embury, manager of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, and Hanson Town Administrator Ronald S. San Angelo.

Mr. Knapik, the three-term mayor of Westfield, said he came to the Westfield mayor’s office after approximately 20 years in private business, including nearly five as a business owner and six years as a principal in a multimillion-dollar company.

Mr. Embury has been manager of North Kingstown since January 2007. The town has more than 28,000 residents, and its recently passed budget was more than $99 million. He said that he has had a very good working relationship with his local chamber of commerce, and pointed out that North Kingstown has a business park that has been an economic engine.

Mr. San Angelo, town administrator of Hanson, which has a population of 10,000 and a budget of more than $22 million, both smaller than Southbridge, served four years as town administrator for the borough of Naugatuck, Connecticut, which he said had an $85 million budget. He also served more than 10 years as a state representative in Connecticut.

Interviews will be conducted on Thursday beginning at 5:30 pm.


  1. At first glance, I like Embury but this article raises some concerns, particularly the final quote:


  2. On paper they all seem to have the qualifications to be our town manager so the search committee did their job.
    That said in review people in their communities comments about each stand out to me more than anything. Only one candidate had no negative comments about them that I could find. Only one hasn't had an ethics violation to answer to. Only one seems to be the positive, business like with a no strife personality that I see fitting best for Southbridge.
    That is Ron San Angelo who I hope shines through on the interview process.
    He seems to be versed in what Southbridge has recently built. and could greatly increase town government communication like here.
    - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH9IA90UYhw

    1. I hope the serach committee does exactlybwhat you did: review the available public record on each candidate. I hope they don't simply rely on interviews. If I had my way, the review of the public records would be done in public and covered by our cable channel.

  3. I find it interesting that two of the three have served as elected mayors.

  4. https://www.facebook.com/notes/wasted-taxpayer-funds/mysterious-changes-to-tas-contract/1419905784751035/


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