Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Joint Meeting of the Southbridge Town Council and School Committee - July 20, 2015


  1. A Blast from the PastJuly 22, 2015 at 1:32 PM

    Carrasco and Moriarty are two of the biggest dissappointments on the Town Council. They are the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council, led a letter of no confidence against the School Committee and when given the choice to vote for experience cant bring themselves to do it. Why is that?

    Mr Sanchez was very articulate and certainly would be a great addition but at this moment we needed experience. I for one hope he gets involved, he was laid off from Bartlett and given his experience would be a great addition to the high school staff. Hire him now!!!

    Mr Shaw, nice man but didn't even answer the questions asked, even after having them repeated.

    Stephanie Demartino rants and then says some aweful things about one of these candidates and could you imagine her on school committee.

    Do Carrasco and Moriarty want failure in our schools? Does Moriarty want a state takeover?

    Good luck to the School Committee, this year will determine what direction we head. I believe it will be positive. Let's all pray it is

  2. Rolling Stone ReviewJuly 22, 2015 at 2:38 PM

    Awesome , "The Pontificaters " are getting the band back together

    .... and this time they have a band director!

    I can't wait for the DESE reviews on their performance.
    Hits on the district like :

    No transparency on a 90 day superintendent search and hiring your friend Steven Bliss anyways.

    Being for/gainst two principals at the middle high school by protest and then making it your idea saying that they are needed after all.

    Also for it being too late to find quality people before the start of the school year and blowing up the budget and plans already in place for the beginning of the school year.

    Creationalism of political chaos to then solve the problem and blame everyone else.

    Yup the band is getting back together and they are hitting all the same sour notes they use to hit when they were in their prime. They are still responsible for much of the districts woes facing us today regardless of what they say. In fact this election and anointment is a lesson for those who cannot remember the past and are condemned to repeat it.'

  3. Rolling Stone ReviewJuly 22, 2015 at 8:33 PM

    The Pontificaters first hit single - the interviewing of Steven Bliss at tonights meeting for the interim superintendents positions. Quinney and Olivio didn't know that he would be there for an interview and nor did the sparse one word agenda item disclose this. However it was predicted in my 2:38 pm post. .

    Here we go Southbridge now we are dependent on the state to take us over.because now they must save us from our selves.

  4. Rolling Stone ReviewJuly 22, 2015 at 9:03 PM

    Breaking news - Steven Bliss is now our interim superintendent .

    He was invited, showed up, interviewed and Hired.
    Hows that promise of Transparency working for you now?

    Look at this NON Agenda and tell me how any of this is legal?


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