Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Southbridge School Committee Meeting - July 28, 2015


  1. A note to the School Committee Chair. Your motion to reconsider the vote to appoint Ms. Stanton as Committee Secretary contradicted your supposed expertise on Parliamentary procedure. The motion to reconsider must be made during the same meeting where the original vote was taken or, in some rare cases, at the subsequent meeting. The appropriate motion would have been a motion to amend a motion previously adopted. This would not require that the motion be made by a member who voted on the prevailing side.

  2. One thing that was not discussed about the "Associate Principal" that has direct impact on the budget is the salary question. Will the "Associate Principal" receive the same salary schedule as now principal of the whole building? Will the salary of the current principal be reduced because the responsibilities have been reduced?

    I think that these questions need to be resolved before they move forward with any plan?

    1. hypocrisy, the state of our SCJuly 30, 2015 at 4:34 PM

      As previously said by:

      Town Councilor Shaun Moriarty
      May 21 ·

      I try not to fall into the trap of conspiracy theories and Machiavellian plots, but one can't help but wonder with the actions being taken.

      After a very public and vocal call to action for delay in a rushed restructuring plan of Southbridge Middle/High School, the School Committee has ............


      Why the Hell is there no one previously upset by a rushed reorganization plan not upset and equally vocal about this Rushed Reorganization Plan?
      Where are all the same noise makers now?
      ( IE Terri Colognesi and company.) Are you afraid of being told to go sit in a corner or of being accused of playing stump the chair?

      Just Sayin' you are so right - CUT Earls pay if she is not doing the whole job. Who or what got cut for them to find the money for an Associate Principal ?
      This will absolutely have a direct impact on the budget.

      A Dir of Fin and Operation who doesn't have a license for the position should not be paid the same amount as the previous person who did. My God the in your face hypocrisy is unbelievable from these Sc members and their hand picked "permanent" Superintendent.

  3. When the Lazo's Rule, all is cool.

    Like Councilor Nikolla once said, if you don't like it you can move.

    OML, Smo M L. There are no fines for the leaders with the cahonees to "break" the OML itvus only a guideline. How can you break something if you are fixin' something bigger in the process? Rules are made to be broken.

    No need to cut Earls pay- the Casella money will be coming for another seven years or more, so there isn't a serious money issue.

    1. seriously, you jestJuly 31, 2015 at 12:43 PM

      Clearly your integrity is lower then the sub-prime mortgage rate..

      Rules don't matter? proper process doesn't matter? setting proper examples of adult behavior for our youth to learn by doesn't matter?

      If Earls is to be less responsible for the building her pay should be in line with her direct responsibility. CUT IT!
      If the 9th grade is moved from the high school side cut it even more,
      Casella doesn't factor into this at all. Proper pay for proper job responsibility is the issue.

      Doing what ever you want and rewarding your cronies is anarchy and political patronage. If you don't have a problem with that I guess you're on the receiving end of this..

    2. Do I like the way things are? Well, until the real estate values go back up, I have to make the best of it.

      The Rules do not matter in Southbridge. How can you expect the School Committee to comply with the OML when the Acting Town Manager's very presence is a violation of Town Charter. You may not think the Casella money matters, but in Southbridge it is the butter and the gravy of our budget. Why else would Mr. Paicos remain beyond the allowable twelve months if not for the Casella negotiations.

      It was Brent Abrahamson that first brought the Charter violation up in a public forum. Why should the SC feel a need to comply with the laws when the Council is willing to spend $thousands just to keep Paicos a few more weeks? And even if the Council loses Tuesday, they'll blame the messenger. The disrespect for the law at the very top of town government sets the example, and every broken rule that passes without correction makes the next broken rule easier to deal.

      Consider the $1,750,000. the Council voted to spend for sewage for the airport dinner and "terminal". WOW! A complete violation of Robert's Rules, hate to admit it, but Apple was right, the vite WAS improper. Yes folks, Apple Vecchia is now the voice of conscience on the current Council !!

      Each flush at the Airport will cost the taxpayer more than twin lobsters at the Public House. What kind of reverse socialist economic development is THAT.
      At least when our Masters from Vermont fly into their town, they won't have to relieve themselves on their Barefoot Road porta-potty

    3. seriously, you jestAugust 3, 2015 at 1:03 PM

      Ok boys and girls please disregard what seriously says. Anarchy and accepting wrong as right is not the way to go. Justifying actions based on incorrect actions of others is never the way to go unless you lack integrity and are a sociopath.

      If it were the correct and proper action to take and accept then Seriously might be the next :
      Gary Ridgway - the green river killer
      Charles Manson,
      Ted Bundy,
      John Wayne Gacy - the Killer clown
      Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

      but somehow I imagine "Seriously" as the Patrick Kearney type.

    4. Jest, you are missing my point, I am indeed against these things that are done, but when you pick out one single violations amongst the dozens that our Town has committed in recent years, it comes across as almost silly.

    5. seriously, you jestAugust 3, 2015 at 5:10 PM


      If you are against these things how can you pick out one single group of people committing violations amongst the dozens and dozens committed in recent years as acceptable ? That is what comes across as silly.

      Your message is that not that any of these things are wrong but that they are only wrong if done by people you don't like. That you accept the wrong done by people you do like. When in fact the message to everyone in Southbridge should be if it is wrong it is wrong no matter who does it.

      Accepting anarchy and the wrong as right is never acceptable in any situation, in any form and no matter who it is.

    6. If going by your standard, we would have to remove six members of the Council for voting for the $1.75 Million which was both a violation of the OML and Robrrt's Rules. One of the other three broke the OML in the late fall. That leaves Apple and Monique.

      We'd need to investigate our Conservation Committee because it has not had a reorganization meeting in over a decade.

      Perhaps discovering why we spent over $11 million fixing up the Town Barn,a steel building that we'd get under $3 million for if destroyed by a tornado is worthy of serious investigation?

      And of course there is the litany of absurd actions conducted during the Clark Adminudtration, not limited to his openly campaigning for some Council candidates while spreading ugly stories about others, the almost complete disregard fir the work conducted by the Charter Review Committee that made incredible efforts to do their job well,and the measure to require six instead of five votes to fire the TM. Why was our first Health Director suddenly replaced?

      And then there is our Board of Health that does not have Doctors like we had fof over one hundred fifty years, yet even though numedous Docfors have voluntered chemists, a former waste industry employee, and a Town employee that is invested in a pension fund that relies heavily on landfill funds serves on a Board of Health that continues to laugh at the site assignment conditions.

      Our paramedics went years without sufficient equipment despite their being one of the best money makers in Town government.

      Our informants fund at SPD is probably one of the ten biggest employers in the community, but how has it helped increase the volume of arrests?

      The Charter forbids an acting town manager from serving for more than twelve months. Mr. Paicos has served over thirteen months and was voted in 9-0 as our acting town manager. The town is wasting thousands in taxpayer money to extend Mr. Paicos for less than two weeks, and they are denying what is in our own minutes ! So much for term limits. Shall we hope the new precedent allows Conrad to run for a fourth term?

      Considering this partial list, who is nit picking on one example of Anarchy?

    7. seriously, you jestAugust 5, 2015 at 3:58 PM

      Great history lesson that I'd like to see the Pro Positive Southbridge people debate and answer for. Especially since some of them are directly responsible for things on your list. These are all wrong and adding to reasons why Southbridge's better days are in the rear view mirror. One has to be against all the wrongs and not settle for the ala-cart acceptance approach of bad government.

      AGAIN, the message to everyone in Southbridge should be if it is wrong it is wrong no matter who does it. Doing what ever you want and rewarding your cronies is anarchy and political patronage that we shouldn't let stand.
      Accepting anarchy and the wrong as right is never acceptable in any situation, in any form and no matter who it is.

      Southbridge remember this:
      “Nothing happens until the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change”

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with this modified change. I just don’t think it is as budget neutral as portrayed unless they are cutting a bunch of positions at the central office. (Something that I think they need to do anyway.)

    This test of the change will be good so that it can be evaluated… not that it will get immediate results but it will test the functioning of this type of reorganization. I just hope that they investigate the Junior High Model as a possibility. By moving the 6th grade back to the elementary schools and the 9th grade back to the other side of the building will give students time to mature. Also I am not fond of 6th graders riding buses or being in the same building as students who are over 18.

    With this being said, I hope that everything is in place for the start of the new school year. And, I hope people come on board to fight for our students…..


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