Sunday, July 12, 2015

Southbridge School Committee - Reorganizational Meeting - July 14, 2015


  1. It will be interesting to watch this. Lazo wants to be the chair claiming experience. Dr. Page wants it claiming knowledge of current state of affairs. Quninney said she'd quit if Lazo was elected.

  2. If the School Committee elects a person as Chair that was Chair back when our school first became level four, a man that is just recently out of bankruptcy, they deserve another vote of no confidence.

  3. Save our Schools --SOSJuly 13, 2015 at 6:17 AM

    To blame Lazo for the District Administration becoming a Level 4 is ridiculous. Truth be told, the mismanagement of the district came about under the Tarantino (sp) and Principe (sp) committees. The Schools were deemed under-performing because they did not make adequate progress.

    But in defense of the schools, especially SHS, one must note that after the first round of MCAS SHS was deemed an "Exemplary School" in Massachusetts. However, using a flawed improvement formula that required improvement each year that was not sustainable by a small school like SHS, SHS was deemed as under performing. The under performing status was released by the State at the same time that the NEASC visit was concluding. This gave the NEASC the perfect opening to put SHS on probation.

    A few years later, after wallowing about in the mud it was under Lazo (and then Jovan), Dr. Hanley, and Principal Bishop that SHS made the turn around and achieved a level 1 status. During this same period, the New School was planned and built and SHS was about to be taken off NEASC probation. Then all hell broke loose.

    Ely was given a new contract by the Bobbleheads. Ely combined the middle school and the high school into one school then he did something that has never been disclosed and he was out the door. We then experienced the past three years of gross mismanagement under the bobble heads.

    Now, let us see what happens. I think that Lazo should be given the chairmanship on his experience, knowledge of the current problems (don't think that Lazo is not informed on what has been going on), and for the fact that the last of the bobbleheads will resign if he is elected. If Quninney were to resign that would signal all the players both in the community and in the state that a new day is dawning for the Southbridge Public Schools.

  4. Lazo deserves to be the chairman. He's prepared for the job and has a plan to execute. There's no learning curve here just an experienced leader than knows what needs to be done.

  5. Already sick of this crapJuly 13, 2015 at 3:54 PM are so filled with crap. At t his point if the state does not take over, heads should roll there. I for one will be contacting whoever I can in the state if Scott is given chair. It is bad enough that Bill Bishop still has a lawsuit against the town and now has access to sensitive information because he is on school committee. AND; SOS, you keep bringing up the Tarentino and Prencipe days of over 10 years ago but no one brings up the fact that Scott Lazo was arrested for beating his son on his graduation night. Luckily for him loyalty got him out of it.

  6. All Hail Lord Scott!July 13, 2015 at 4:31 PM

    Why pick someone that has actually taught in our School system, has a Doctorate, and is involved with one of the finest engineering Colleges on the planet when we can pick someone that demonstrates that you don't need an education, that you can blame other people for your litany of failures, that bankruptcy is easier than keeping your commitments in life, and that all that Nixon did was get caught?

    Quinney might resign if Lazo is elected Chair? Why would she do that? Thank the Great & General Court of Massachusetts for school choice. Just when I thought it could not get worse.

    There is going to be a new non-profit low cost bus to bring children to Dudley if Lazo is Chair, so at least his being Chair will create a part time bus driver position.

    What cab Lazo do for the district now that he could not do before. He hired Ely despite Ely's obvious problems. If Lazo was opposed to Ely getting a contract, why was he silent. Has Lazo ever taken the blame for a single error?

    Lazo has a plan? Can anyone name one that has ever succeeded in the same decade it commenced? I am still waiting for the water Company plan to work out for us. The only Lazo plan that has worked is to blame someone else.

  7. Lazo does have a plan; it's stated explicitly in his campaign material: restore discipline, manage the budget, hire a superintendent. Simple stuff but stuff that needs to be done and stuff he knows how to do.

  8. New School Order!July 14, 2015 at 2:29 PM

    Restore discipline? There are teachers up there that are racist bullies that are responsible for a very high drop out rate... racist names are puked out almost daily. Discipline is good, but the teacher's Union is out of control protecting their thugs.

    They have Superintendent, and like our Council for OVER a year and a half, an interim Chief Executive. The difference is the Council is clearly violating the Charter by allowing the Town Manager to remain to do the dirty work related to the landfill scheme. The Town Council makes up the rules as they go along, but they don't go by the rules, and that is how we get in serious trouble. TGEN they blame a former Town Manager.

    Webster's Dictionary should consider a Southbrudge Edition of their Dictionary, where "intent" mean "hereby", where "effluent" means "carcinogenic toxic leachate", " interim" means "advocate of information that is inconsistent with the truth in order to come up with pension funds", and "twelve months" means a time limitation in our Charter that is indefinite when taxpayer money can be spent to pay a lawyer to provide a convenient opinion desired by our landfill lemmings Jonesing for more blood money".

  9. How can people be so misguided?July 14, 2015 at 3:59 PM

    Rich, haven't you figured it out yet that Scott is a politician who knows how to BS his way into making you believe that he is the second coming? Scott's only plan and, always has been his plan, is how he will personally benefit from financial decisions he manipulates his way.
    Rich, I appreciated your time on school committee and town council because you never had a personal agenda. However, your support of Scott is misguided.

  10. Is it true the Brent submitted his name for his own seat bc he was misinformed that it would have been replaced in the election?

    Who else has applied, and when is the new member being selected?


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