Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rosemary Scrivens - Economic Development Director Candidate - Background

June 2010 – April 2015 (4 years 11 months)Worcester, Ma
• Managed the State’s Economic Development Incentive Program for the Central region (66 communities). This program provides two levels of tax incentives for businesses investing in the Commonwealth and creating jobs.
• Facilitated rapid connections to wide array of resources and incentives for businesses of all sizes and industries throughout the Central region. These included non-traditional financing, workforce training and development services, site searches, exporting guidance, marketing and business plans. 

• Collaborated closely with vast network of state, regional, municipal, and private sector economic development partners to assist businesses.
• Educated and partnered with community officials on tools and programs to increase/enhance economic vitality. This included property tax exemptions, infrastructure grants, financing, and business retention activities.
• During 5-year tenure assisted hundreds of businesses in Central Massachusetts resulting in over $400 million in capital investments, nearly 1700 new jobs, and 10,000 retained jobs.

March 2002 – May 2010 (8 years 3 months)Worcester, Ma
(CMRPC oversees a 40-community area.)
• Wrote and initially administered first EPA Brownfields grant received by this agency.
• Collaborated with state agencies to educate and provide technical support to central Ma municipalities for zoning, environmental, permitting, and other matters.
• Authored multiple in-depth municipal and regional planning documents including:
  - Master Plans
  - Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Reports
  - Downtown Revitalization and Corridor Transportation Planning Studies
  - Regional Transportation Plans
• Conducted numerous outreach efforts in the agency’s 40-community region for a broad array of projects involving transportation improvements, economic development, tourism, and more.
• Developed and implemented new process to expand the region’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to include local officials from 40-community area. MPOs are responsible for allocation of federal and state transportation funding. This involved recruiting and training local officials to serve as members. 

October 2000 – November 2002 (2 years 2 months)Littleton
Developed and executed complex test plans to ensure internet-based software worked as required.

May 1999 – May 2000 (1 year 1 month)
Partnered with major insurance company client to define system specifications for internet-based insurance system.
Collaborated with software engineers to build insurance system.

October 1989 – March 1999 (9 years 6 months)Andover, Ma
∙ Collaborated with insurance company executives to define software system requirements.
∙ Designed screen layout and system logic with software engineer team for company's first insurance claim system.
∙ Responsible for product demonstrations to potential clients across U.S., resulting in eight new lucrative customer contracts within three years.
∙ Supported existing software clients in troubleshooting and implementing system enhancements.
∙ Trained hundreds of end-users to use complex insurance software at customer sites across U.S.


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  1. The photo does not do this woman justice. She has a nice presence.

    If this is any indication of the choices Mr. San Angelo will make, it appears that he is off to the fight start....

    ....BUT with Councilors makeing a big deal over the expenses involved in his staying here while he job shared with Mr. Paicos, they might scare him away. Dump the Councilors that are being petty-they vote to blow over $1.7 million at tge last meeting and cry about a few hundred?.This guy might be a keeper.


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