Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Satire Or Smokescreen? Councilor AuClair and Dinosaurs

Ken O’Brien

Back during the recent campaign for town council a story emerged about then candidate Kristen AuClair.

Seeking the truth to this matter, I posed the question to her to which she responded that what people were referring to were merely satirical pieces.

Recently, however, a commenter referred me to a number of videos posted on YouTube.

These do not appear to be works of satire, but a reflection of strongly held beliefs. 

If they are indeed a reflection of what Ms. AuClair believes, then she should be willing to admit it. It certainly does not reflect well on her if she seeks to characterize them as satire when they are anything but that.

And, if they are not satire, then it does raise a question as to what elements of scientific evidence she chooses to accept in other instances.

Additional videos by her can be found at Christians Against Dinosaurs.


  1. This wasn't just a story during the election. It was then (starting in FEB 2015) as it remains todaya google problem.
    Most if not all of her ballot opponents knew about it but choose to take the highroad by not using dinosaurs on signs or making it an issue. They figured that everyone would do their own homework and google or learn about the candidate in some fashion. How could a dinosaur denier beat them.

    Instead she received the facebook prom Queen vote by people who showed up to vote for her. Many voting for the very first time and stopping by her street tent booth to get directions on where to park and where to vote. Southbridge votes for prom Kings and Queens and no longer votes on substance of positions. She was even mediocre in the debate looking older then the younger pictured used in election materials. hmmm, didn't her predecessor use that same election tactic?

    The question at hand here is does she really believe this or does she really like to go this far out of her way in character to argue the denial of Dinosaurs all the while using the Christian religion to do it?

    Google problem
    Dinosaur problem
    Christian religion problem
    Southbridge Town Councilor - priceless!

  2. OK, I do not care too much for the "Dinosaurs Against Christians" parody either, but let's face it, AuClair at least has modest Acting skills. Many in internet land thought she was serious. One popular Atheist Activist in Belgium claimed that Kristen, who was on our Education Committee at the time, had ruined our School system by refusing to allow our children to have textbooks because they mentioned dinosaurs. As silly as that sounds, that excuse is better than the claim by a Councilor that it took a year and a half tobelect a full time Town Manager because of our School system.

    Are we really going to pick on our newest youngest Councilor for getting more attention with such a prank than any other local medium ever has? It did get international attention. It might ever attract more Churches to fill up Main Street. So she entertained possibly more than a million people with this almost harmless prank. Imagine if they had the internet when another Councilor entertained the VFW with impressive tricks on a pool table? Think of the hours of endless boring Pontification that we could have never been subject to if that was available on the internet for the voters to consider a little over six years ago !

    Old timers like myself learned in High School that in America we earned freedom of religion back in the late 1700's. Well, not in THIS corner of America. In Southbridge it appears we only have freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

    As an overburdened tax payer, I am significantly more concerned about the Councilors that DO believe in an imaginary Industrial Park that want to borrow over a million for sewerllines for the 1% than I am concerned about a Councilor that joked around about not believing in dinosaurs.

  3. Christians against Dinosaurs will not be filling up churches in town because this whole thing mocks the intelligence of Christians.
    Ie Christians are too stupid to believe in dinosaurs and can be TROLLED into following her. After all she claimed 12,000 followers.
    This really is sad that Southbridge elected someone capable of such deceit and mockery.
    Who in the right mind does this type of activity?
    We now have to watch her and decide if she is being satirical, conducting a hoax, or trying to collect money all the while she is supposed to be fulfilling the duties of the office.
    she was somehow elected for.

  4. council of Hoaxers?August 22, 2015 at 2:55 PM

    After looking at the material posted by "Christians Against Dinosaurs" all I can say is I wish my family and I saw these before the election!

    My family has watched these too, and we all agree. If we saw then before the election, instead if voting for Councilor Clemence, WD would have voted for Ms. Auclair. We were told that Kristen made a "low grade film" claiming that Christiabs "were stupid and believed Dinosaurs and people lives together".

    After watching these videos, it is obvious that the Other woman that was running felt a need to interpret the videos, and get her team out there to discourage people from voting for AuClair, and I feel badly that I fell for it.

    As a Christian I am also annoyed by other Christians that make a great effort to claim that the earth is only six thousand years old and they shared the planet with dinosaurs. My guess is that less than 1% of local Chrustians believe this theory. Perhaps Priceless is one of them?

    Priceless, unless you donated to CAD and did not get a refund, what is the actual issue? I was taught all about evolution as a young Catholic, and was told that hundreds of years ago, Catholics believed in Creationism. If she helped open the eyes of people by coming up with a sily perspective, more power to her.

    Back to hoaxes... About six or seven years ago, there were some locals that claimed they bought the rights to a PIM process from England. They went before the Town at citizen's forum en masse, and teamed up with Mister Clark claimed that 150 jobs would be lost if the town did not build a road to our "Industrial Park".

    One of the big advocates, a factory owner and his wife I.pmiex there were other companies lined up too. She actually got elected to the Councl !

    Where's the factory? Where are the factories? The Council was tricked into pulling a $5 million bond based on lies. Worse than a hoax, this was fraud. The statute of limitations have passed, but we are still making payments on the $5 million bond!

    It turns out that the people that claimed to have bought the rights to that technology had not bought them at all. In fact, the owners of the technology said that they would never sell the North American rights.and that not one person had bought the rights for even one factory outside of Europe!

    Southbridge lost a valuable asset and got tricked into weakening its bond rating because of THAT hoax.And yet it did not get as much attention as THIS hoax.

    1. I would point out that I appeared before the town council at the time and denounced that PIM project as a hoax. I cited research by myself and Linda Cocalis pointing this out. We were hampered by the local press who supported the project as well as a number of other local influentials. Time has proven that we were right about that.

      Whether you agree with the premise of Christians Against Dinosaurs or not, if Ms. AuClair attempted to raise money from this hoax it is no less wrong.

    2. For more detail related to the above see:

    3. Oh, it's all good thenAugust 22, 2015 at 4:08 PM

      Council of hoaxers says, "Priceless, unless you donated to CAD and did not get a refund, what is the actual issue? "

      If someone had not pointed out this hoax and forced a refund would it still be okay?

      Get a grip folks, if the money was returned it was only because they got caught.

    4. council of Hoaxers? said "Priceless, unless you donated to CAD and did not get a refund, what is the actual issue? "

      The real question is who and what should a town councilor be?
      If pretending, lying, scamming people is a prerequisite to be a town councilor in Southbridge in your eyes then its time to go back to town meetings.

      I did not vote for the "Christians" against Dinasours hoaxer because what she did wasn't very Christian, wasn't very honest, nor did it promote any trust and confidence in her. She misrepresented herself in this hoax and in her election picture and that spoke volumes to me to look elsewhere.
      If Town Councilors are supposed to represent the people of Southbridge then we have to be more careful in who we put in those positions. I did not vote for or want to be represented by an untrustworthy, scamming hoaxer. I take my government representation far more serious than her actions represent. Her actions were all purposefully done to deceit others and included fund raising to promote her deceptive hoax.

      The saddest thing about this is that she was caught in February and still ran for office knowing she had a google problem. Knowing in this day and age that google problems don't go anyway and this would be an issue for her at sometime. That when it did, if elected, she would be embarrassing the entire town Council, the entire town itself, as well as herself. Especially, when this hits the larger media organizations and you know it will.
      Is that enough actual issues for you ?
      It's way too many for me to respect her or the I can't control my middle finger guy as town councilors! In the eyes of the world our government is now one big huge joke. The all American Hoax city thanks to her actions.

      Lastly, the guy in the third video, who completely owned her in his knowledge of dinosaurs, must be having laughing fits at the expense of Southbridge residents. Wondering how we were all duped into electing her? Well it's mostly because of the people defending her here because you are the ones who actually voted for her. Can you imagine his follow up INTERNET video on this subject and how badly Southbridge will look to all his followers? I see that video ending with . and this is what happens when your school system is allowed to be a level four district for decades, Any questions?

      What is the actual issue indeed?
      Good Lord ! Forget about the get the drug users subsidized care instead of jail idea and lets get an office of NAMI in town instead. Southbridge has a much bigger problem with that issue!

  5. Priceless, how can I get around to mowing the lawn while waiting in anticipation for your next Pontification?

    Based on your never ending gossip about Kristen, your using the good Lord's name in vain, and your lack of forgiveness, you have proven that you are no more a Christian than Kristen.

    That said, if you know any actual Christian willing to get worked up enough to recall Kristen, please recall the Councilor that smoked crack at least twice shortly after getting elected too- researching our drug problem and such, no doubt.

    And if you want to return to Town Meetings and Selectman, good luck with that. A half dozen people collected 700 or more signatures to do that, but their petition ( longer than the Declaration of Independence) showed up on the ballot shorter than our next Town Council Agenda! Our Charter is hostile to Democracy!

    Example: You might have to tell the people that Kristen spent the money building an Altar to Satan in order to get enough signatures, but once you get those signatures, you will need twice as many people to come out and vote as the number of people that came out to vote in our annual election!!!

    See how it works? By not being functional at all.That is the truth. Another truth is whatever Kristen did in your imagination is STILL not even on the fop twety list of inappropriate actions by our government or our local officials.

    Oh- don't forget to tell people when you collect signatures that Kristen openly matriculated while in College, and that she has befriended and encouraged numerous Thespians right on Main Street. Oh, the horror!

  6. Red Salt I can only image how tall your grass is over your septic tank.

    Forgiveness has nothing to do with accountability for officials.

    Did she matriculate in Hoax and Deception while at this college? Which one is it I'm sure their alumni office is beaming with pride over this stunt.

    Ah never mind you have a lawn to mow remember!

  7. Priceless, do you really want to hold our Councilors accountable for pre-elected activity? Too bad I am not sleazy enough to drag so many skeletons out.

    What is your Agenda exactly? Are you starting a nouveau inquisition ? So far your witch hunt has come up as a Zlitch Hunt. If, if, maybe, but,but. I don't know if it is you, but this so called story has been pitched to the more traditional media fir months without success. If you think this is a real issue, I suggest you buy extra tissue the next time you visit the Dollar Store.

    The question of the week will be if the Grand Inquisitor of this Spotlight on one Councilor will crawl out from the cesspool, or will he or she agitate some innocent good natured Christian with your conspiracy theories about the intent of this prank.

    Be sure to watch the presentation tomorrow about the ridiculous deal the Town Council made last year by providing a multi $Million '80's style no money down deal that was posted as requiring $Hundreds of Thousands down.

    Why you are more concerned about an imaginary issue when there are at least a half dozen town related actions that are unquestionably unethical and in some cases illegal suggests a Councilor might be doing her research, and you are engaged in a preemptive strike. Play along or pay the price?

    This is an excellent example of why good people seldom run for Council. It is time to relieve the whole Council from the burden of the politics of personal destruction. If only petitions could get on the ballot without the manipulation if the high prices Boston Lawyers !

  8. Pre-election activity is past activity. However you know that they say past activity is the predictor of future activity. Zebra’s don’t ever change their stripes. Deficiency in Integrity, character, and trust are not imaginary issues. Time and time again we've seen how they don’t make for successful politicians or for constituent protection and representation.

    Everything you bitch about from the town council has been led by some yahoo with a skeleton or two and their own personal agenda. We agree on that! It’s probably why you are defending someone with a very sketchy track record. If so, you are part of the very problem you bitch about rather than the change agent you want to sound like.
    Historically Town Councilors are not working for us but rather they are working for their own interests. How in the world do you know where a deceitful, fund raising scammer, Character Troll comes from or is even going. Anyone who willingly will stay in character and makes false arguments is clearly not someone who can be trusted in a key position of our government. If you bitch about the past doing this then why not the present?

    I only wish that good people ran for council. It’s not how they are treated that keeps them away it’s more how the blood sport social media politics elects those so far less deserving. Southbridge simply votes for prom Kings and Queens and no longer votes on substance of positions. We screw ourselves and then complain about it. We never learn from history and keep repeating the same election results over and over again
    In my best Gieco lizard voice - Somebody help me – I can’t control my middle finger!

    I ran to hold people accountable – this rush to judgement must be stopped - but not even a cricket chirp when the local political godfather does the very same thing only faster and even on camera.

    We need a road to the industrial park – so my business which is the highest dumper of chromium in the landfill can continue to dump it in the landfill. I mean come on it didn't grow there it was put there on her watch right?

    Pick your poison Red Salt but until we change the form of town government we need to start electing people with Integrity, Character who are at least believable to be honest because the answer to our governance woes starts and ends there.

  9. Wilbert E. Clark III of Johnstown, PA DOB 9/12/79 doesn't believe in dinosaurs, either.

  10. Just research her work on other forums. She admits … is extremely cruel, using a variety of false Facebook profiles. I've followed her "trolling" since this blog was posted, and found she is prolific, often in atheist-themed forums, posing as a Christian. I recently learned that she destroyed a Bon Jovi-themed newsgroup, "trolling" the displaced administrators …. She can be very charming, but in light of what I've seen of her true personality, I now see her charm as something chillingly out of sorts. If I were completely cynical, I'd say she's perfect for politics, but I actually care about my community. (Edited by blog administrator)

  11. entertaining at best

    the Jewish calendar is the year 5777, not 6000

  12. Science doesn't care what she believes....our proofs are rather more concrete and informed. She does illustrate the Dunning-Kruger effect rather well however.


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