Thursday, August 6, 2015

Southbridge Town Council Agenda - August 10, 2015

Town Council Meeting

MacKinnon Council Chambers

August 10, 2015

7:00 PM



  1. stop the $1.75 Million toiletsAugust 6, 2015 at 9:59 PM

    Citizen's Forum at the bottom of the list? How convenient. Nice way to discourage opposition to the foolish $1.75 million sewer line scam.

    It was not on the Agenda, it violated Robert's Rules, and it is an absurd waste of taxpayer money.

    We did not have enough money to purchase the McKinstry Farm for well under half what is being spent for a seweline to an Airport that serves well under 1% of the population?

    Says a lot about how interested the Council is
    about what working people have to say.

    It is bad enough that we'd have to collect 600 signatures just to stop that foolishness at the ballot box, but when they learn of an organized effort to reconsider, suddenly CF requires a 2-3 hour wait in the broiling chambers.?

    1. It appears Citizen's Forum is on the Agenda Twice at 8 & 29. I am sure this was a mistake and Citizen's Forum remains at agenda item number 8.

    2. Correction, Citizen's Forum is at the top of the agenda. The Citizen's Forum that is listed at the bottom of the agenda is actually a typographical error, they meant to say 'Councilors Forum.'

      btw, 'broiling chambers' is a clever turn of words and describes it quite aptly.

    3. stop the $1.75 Million toiletsAugust 7, 2015 at 7:48 PM

      Councilor Manna thank you for voting against the ridiculous $20 a flush sewer line. If you voted against bringing pretreated leachate behind Big Y I might vote for you sometime. I liked your Town Manager vote, too, but the winner is OK too.

      Please google "landfill" and " asthma" and set the misleading Lady on the Council straight please?

      The Council ensured the Lazo/ Bishop/Jovan team with the " no confidence" vote on the former School Committee. The current board of health deserves even less confidence. Those damn trucks come in almost every day ( 'cept Sunday) before 7:00 a.m. and the place smells like a cross between a pig farm and vomit. We need a Board of Health that isn't bored with health. If they are not willing to throw that company out and save the precious space for US, you need to throw them out for gross incompetence.

      Maybe the solution is to move the Town Manager"s office to the LF and hold the Town Council meetings up there until it complies with the promises?

  2. Wow. The Council can't even get anyone to serve on the open seat on P & D, and has appointed a jail bird to serve on General Government? Where's the due diligence?

    And the Queen of Mean starts criticizing the new Town Manager over a few hundred Dollars in a publis forum within a week of his becoming our primary Town Manager? Is she trying to get him to quit so she can keep the volunteer interim Manager? What a class(less) act!


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