Thursday, September 24, 2015

Southbridge MCAS Results 2015

The results from Spring 2014 are provided below for comparison.


  1. So, they got worse?? WOW. I didn't think e could sink any lower. State take over NOW PLEASE!

  2. Well done Southbridge (or should I say Southbridge MSHS), the adults at that building should be proud of how well they let the kids of this Town down. I am sure there are plenty of people who are going to blame the kids, you know the "Bad Actors" and the "Bottom Level". But the true is maybe if the adults were busy working and not messing around, not threatening other teacher (the ones who just want to do their jobs), not trying to protect the teachers who don't their jobs (but sleep in their class, You know who you are Stanton and DESE caught ya, catching some Zzzzzz's), or asking kids for candy and then giving them a passing grade for it. The sad truth is these very kids are suppose to be future leaders, our work force, our future military, our future first responders, even our future teachers and what has this Town and our schools done for them? We are setting them up to be failures, our future welfare recipients, and even our future criminals. Because our schools didn't educate them and give them the tools they need to be successful. Not every kid wants to learn, not every kid wants to put their all into it, not every kid wants to fail, but it is the job of educators to teach them to their best ability and help those who are struggling and try to reach at least one of those kids who doesn't want to put their best into it. Southbridge we should be ashamed of ourselves, our schools and those who are paid by us to educate our kids. The State taking over is our last hope to save the kids who still in seats in our schools, but even that hope is flickering away with each passing day. So stand up Southbridge and Southbridge Public Schools and take a bow for not giving our kids what we got a good educations, good jobs, money in the bank from those jobs, homes and cars all achievable because we were taught and given the tools we need to stand on our two feet.


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