Friday, September 11, 2015

Southbridge Town Council Agenda - September 14, 2015

Southbridge Town Council Meeting

MacKinnon Council Chambers

September 14, 2015

6 PM

The regular Town Council Meeting will follow Joint Meetings with the Board of Assessors and the School Committee to fill vacancies on those boards.



  1. Why are we paying hotel expenses for the town manager???

  2. Mr. San Angelo wasn't the Town Manager at the time. Mr. Paicos was very involved lobbying to bring treated harmless treated leachate to our sewer plant for $35,000 a year,

    If seven if our Councilors wasn't so concerned about mamby pamby issues over asthma and an occasional sniff of garbage and such near the Charlton line, we could be getting an extra $5 a household each and every year from that $35,000., which adds up to over $200,000 for the town over twenty years.

    If the people near the Plaza have to smell the sewer, what's the big deal about a little extra truck traffic and occasional odors?

  3. 69 K seems to be the wrong position for the DPW.

    Where is all that promised road repair?
    Plows wouldn't be breaking if the roads were in better shape.

  4. Get a Town Engineer!September 14, 2015 at 8:46 PM

    So, our uncertified engineer DPW Director, wants to hire a non- engineer that makes more than the average certified engineer to do work that was supposed to be done by last years engineering consultant.

    Yet the Charter Review Committee says we don't need an actual engineer running the DPW because it will save us money. Really? $35,000. for three months work for a non- Engineer.

    "It is what it is" so says Councilor Clemence. No time for an ACTUAL RFP...just asked 3-4 firms for a quote.

    Why are our taxes high? Why don't things get done? Why do we continue to break that Charter thingee with abandon? Instead of changing the Charter to fit the lack of qualifications of the DPW Director, why not go by our Charter in the first place?

    If Heather wasn't so busy pushing the leachate processing facility, maybe she's have had time to do this work this summer?


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