Sunday, September 27, 2015

Southbridge Town Council Agenda - September 28, 2015

Southbridge Town Council Agenda

MacKinnon Council Chambers

September 28, 2015

7 PM



  1. Look at the promises made as the sewerline vote was originally taken, a Vote that was not on the Agenda.

    The Vice Chair Assured us that meetings would be held, that it was only a measure to save an Airport grant. Why are they going away from the sewer plant? The shortest distance to the sewer plant is via Pleasant Street, were there are homes that can make valuable use of this line.

    This Vote is ridiculous and premature. It must be delayed! $1.75 million is a lot of money.

  2. Don't be a dunce! This is about bringing sewage line to the land that Casella is buying from McKibstry that the town did not have the money to acquire.

    The sewage will quadruple the value of that land, and in 20-35 years, the town will get our multi $Million investment back in the form of property taxes IF Tifs are not offered .

    Nobody mentioned the water.. We will be bringing in water, and possibly a road too. That's why the figure is overpriced. The Vice Chair slipped back on July 27th and actually called it money for a road!

    Do you actually expect the Manager or Council to tell the whole story? Even Coucilors Manna and Clemence wouldn't vote for another Bond for Casella if the public knew.

    You'd think a Jet Blue terminal is coming in. All the Airport needs is a honey bucket system, and it would cost less than a third of interest alone on this Casella investment. and don't believe the claim about why the Bond Attorney wouldn't approve the first vote- there is a reason he was not at the meeting last night.

    We don't have an extra $Million for school books and a few other expenses to catch up, but we can spend $Millions more to help a Vermont Corporation fight off its shareholders by investing in their pipe dreams?
    Instead if bushing about it, do what some of our leaders do... Buy CSelka shares, sit back and enjoy the benefits of our taxpayers investment. If you can't beat them, buy them.


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