Wednesday, November 18, 2015

History Repeats


  1. No good database for Syrians existsNovember 18, 2015 at 3:08 AM

    Did you post this to compare the acceptance of Jews in 1939 to the radical Jihadists of today?

    Because if you did the %of NO in 2015 would be a lot higher and very deservedly so because its really like comparing apples to AK 47's.

    Governor Baker and the other 30 governors have made the right call. There is no good database on the Syrian refugees to sort them out. Just ask Paris about the price of terrorism that goes along with saving these people! What was in it for France?
    What is in it for the USA? No upside to Obama's plan as usual.

    1. More Republican misinformation, paranoia and fear-mongering – as usual.
      What were the numbers in favor of invading Iraq at the time?
      All of the suicide-terrorists in Paris were European nationals.
      The threat of Nazi spies infiltrating with Jewish immigrants was not substantially different than the fear of Jihadis today.
      And just how many refugees come into the U.S. from countries that have “good” data bases? Either there is virtually no stable government infrastructure to maintain such data or the host government is unfriendly and couldn’t be relied upon to provide valid data.
      You’re probably right, the number of NO’s is probably higher now. Good thing the Statue of Liberty didn’t adhere to the original design of a Muslim peasant woman.


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