Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Southbridge Town Council Meeting - November 23, 2015

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  1. There is a fire att the damn burn dump/landfill on Barefoot Road that,has,been burning fir hours but don't visit it because I justdud and my eyes,won't stop burning, even when I rinsed them.out twice wiith water..

    Is this the third or fourth fire,in the past year?

    Three predictions:

    1. This noxious fire will not get media coverage.

    2-The new Town Msnager will ignore this fire, just like he is trying to ignore the very important neeting in Sturbridge Monday night conducted by the only oarty trying to oversee the landfill/burn dump- the Sturbridge Board of Health.. He is even trying to get our Councilors to boycott the meeting so they will be able to stay in the dark. Ignirance us Bliss. EVEN Rep. Durant is claiming to be against even minor landfill increases.

    Fir every Dolar our Town has recieved for slliwing thise millions if toms of rotting garbsge, out taxpsyers will spend two dollars in liability and clean up.costs..


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