Saturday, January 23, 2016

Group Stages Pro-Casella Rally

P.A. Roddy

Asserting their right to sell out to economic interests, a group of Southbridge residents staged a protest outside State offices on Friday.

Members of the group calling itself Casella Residents Accepting Pollutants said that their status as an environmental justice community is a two-sided coin.

“What people fail to realize is that in order to assure environmental protection for most people requires the relentless exploitation of a few,” said group spokesperson Didi Clemens. “It is the right of a community to sacrifice its long-term well-being for short term gains. The people of Southbridge have done this for years and have honed it to a fine art.” 

Clemens pointed to the community’s history of becoming a haven for social misfits and the economically dependent. “Clearly society needs someplace to house the welfare cases, the drug dependent, the alcohol abusers, the sexual deviants and the uneducable. Our town serves that need.”

She pointed to the fact that Southbridge was home to numerous social welfare programs while a large number of its public officials lived outside the town. The current issue of a state takeover of the school system was just one more example of how Southbridge has succeeded in making itself a virtual ward of the state.

The current clash with Charlton over the expansion of the town’s landfill was just one more example of this strategy.

“There is an occasional case where our status as an ‘environmental justice’ location will negatively impact a few complainers outside the community. This is the case with the few residents of other towns who have been inconvenienced by having their wells rendered unpotable. What these critics fail to realize is that others bear similar costs. Look at those who are victims of the crimes perpetrated by our drug addicts and level 3 sex offenders or those who suffer the consequences of our drunken drivers. They are the minor consequences of Southbridge providing a valuable public good.”

She went on to maintain that the town has not turned a blind eye to these external diseconomies. “Take a look at what Harrington Hospital has done with the creation of a cancer center that will cater to some of those who are the unfortunate casualties of this proposed landfill expansion. Then there is the financial gain to those communities who take our more affluent students for whom our school system is inadequate.”

A member of the local Board of Health elaborated. “There is also a small group of local residents who benefit from these decisions. There are those who work for the town in sinecures whose positions would cease to exist without the revenue from Casella. Just as the Commonwealth requires the exploitation of a few communities for the benefit of the larger society, so within the town there is a small elite who benefit from the exploitation of most residents.” 

A member of the town council summed it up this way, “Look, once we provided employment to a large number of people outside of Southbridge. With the decline of those businesses we turned our sights to becoming a dumping ground for many of society’s inescapable problems. Our top tier of citizens has benefitted from this decision and it has provided a guide to Southbridge’s future as we celebrate entering our third century with our bicentennial.”


  1. I've been such a fool. How do I join?

    1. Run for Coincil again, but instead of being guided by your own brilliance, take marching orders from Denise and her Mother's Niece

  2. Stephanie DeMartinoJanuary 23, 2016 at 10:33 AM

    Is this commentary satire? Or am I living in another dimension?

  3. I know P. A. Roddy. We do shots all the time before we shoot squirrels in my backyard. If he wrote it, it's got to be true.

    1. Mr. Rocket J. SquirelJanuary 23, 2016 at 12:45 PM

      When releasing lead projectiles at high velocity in your backyard, or anywhere else, kindly make a special effort to avoid squirrels of the flying variety, especially if wearing a blue aviators goggle hat?

      No longer a television star, I am now an Esquirel practicing animal rights cases, and I am the caretaker of Bullwinkle J. Moose, Please fire with caution, don't step on any Ladyslippers, and beware of songbirds and chipmunks. Thank you Sir.

    2. What kind of PC crap is this? This is exactly why I joined the tea Party, you commie. If BJM steps into my back yard and I get to thinking his head would look good over my fireplace, well then SHABANG! you merlot sippin', hot tub dippin' hater of the constitution. Besides, I use hollow points.

  4. It appears we are living in a fantasy community. These people were a joke before and are a joke now... They fuel their support with scare tatical and will continue to do so. Hey get rid of Casella and when the money drys up they will be long gone. Then watch all these nay says you think they complain now. WAIT

  5. Digest this ReaderJanuary 24, 2016 at 5:34 PM

    What you call scare tactics were actually warnings. Warnings that were ignored, and warnings that turned out to be true in every way.

    The money will never cover the liability costs. The "money" is only a loan on the future. and we are going to be paying not only over 50%-150% in liability for every dollar or service received, the taxpayers have already lost $7 in real estate values for every dollar recieved.

    I suspect the opponents, who were not even discussing the landschill, were joking around because they are so well meaning they are not pointing fingers or casting blame. The $200,000.00 fine makes the point well enough. The millions defense monies over the next few years will also clarify the obvious. Despite what a,few consistently incorrect town ifficial are claiming DEP is clearly claiming Casella is responsible for the contaminated wells in Charlton, even if they want to blame it on unlined portions of the landfill.

    The silly debate is over, and although one side was right and the leadership of the garbage scam will bankrupt the town, we all lost due to reduced real estate values, poorer health, and ridiculously substantial liability.

  6. Digest This, correctedJanuary 24, 2016 at 9:33 PM

    OK, a correction is in order, I should have written, almost ALL of the Landfill opponents are not pointing fingers or casting blame.In the defense of one of them, the one man media Mogol, clowntoonist M."the Dick Markavet", he picks on dump deal opponents more than he picks on the group that sees garbage as a gilded revenue source. His latest closntoon apparently is punishing Mr.O"Brien for alowing reporting on the Pro Casella demo. Apparently Dick Markavet did not grasp the parody of it all.

    There is another opponent of garbage gulch who mis,garder on Kirstie,Pecci than he us on all the Casella,propenents,combined. If given the opportunity he will blame her for the Kennedy assassination, the failed Site Assugnment, the Big Dig, and possibly the Brink's robbery if she had not been born beforehand.

    Failure is an orphan, but Victory has a dozen Captains, but as said earlier, there is no Victory when the ruin still needs to be cleaned up. THAT should be the issue now-doour leaders allow the less expensive path and,start cleaning up now, or do we allow the underwater lake of leachate to grow, and add tens of millions to the cleanup of the unlined area by dumping and collecting over a hundred million of garbage of which the town might get $Twelve Million?

  7. Digest This, correctedJanuary 24, 2016 at 10:22 PM

    *who is harder on Kirstie Pecci than he us on...


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