Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lazo, Connors Comment On State Action

Speaking to WBUR radio, the Chairman of the Southbridge School Committee as well as the district’s interim Superintendent gave their views on the proposed state takeover of local schools.

Scott F. Lazo, chairman of the Southbridge School Committee, called the December district review “a cherry-picked report of various deficiencies.” He said it ignores the work a new school committee has been doing since it was elected in July.

“We inherited a disastrous atmosphere and a district under siege,” Lazo said Friday. “It seems like the commissioner has not seen the new school committee and the good things that are happening.” 

The current school committee has named four finalists in its search for a new superintendent. It plans to announce its choice Jan. 26, but state receivership would eliminate the position.

“We’ve dragged out enough stuff that has hurt kids already,” Lazo said. “We don’t need to continue that mentality.”

Southbridge interim Superintendent Timothy Connors said he was not surprised by the commissioner’s recommendation. 

“I think the district could certainly move forward within the schools with the staff that they have, but I also respect the commissioner’s responsibility of doing what he thinks is right,” Connors said. “Our responsibility is to work together.”

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  1. Mr Lazo calls the state report: “a cherry-picked report of various deficiencies.”
    The report was 106 pages long.
    Can you please tell us what facts the state left out that would correct this report?


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