Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Process Be Damned

Arrogance and ego apparently still prevail on the Southbridge School Committee.

Over the weekend interim Superintendent Connors announced his plan to treat the middle/high school as two separate facilities in one building. He stated that he intended to present the proposal to tonight's meeting of the school committee.

During the interview he specifically used the phrase “as originally planned” in reference to having two principals and two separate schools in one building.

The fact is clear that he is parroting one of the favorite refrains of current committee Chair Scott Lazo. Anyone who has followed the matter will recognize not only the phraseology but the vehemence with which it was presented. 

But it is clear that this is not a matter that is open to discussion. A look at the school website shows the building is already listed as two separate facilities – a middle school and a high school. It shows not one but two principals – Ms. Earls and Ms. Sweetman (the second a position never approved by the school committee).

The fact is that we got rid of one martinet (McLoughlin) merely to have her replaced by another (Lazo).

It will be interesting to see if the School Committee expects any explanation as to how this plan will have any meaningful impact during tonight’s session.

It will also be interesting to see if any committee member has the temerity to object to the fact that changes have already been implemented without any approval yet from the committee.

After all, it's one thing to be part of a team. It's quite another to be just one more sheep in the herd.


  1. There is no difference between Lazo and McLoughlin. Both are egotistical bullies who will do or say anything to get what they want. The election wasn’t a mandate, it was a Hobson’s choice.
    The committee approved an associate principal for the middle school back on August 11. If you go back and listen to the discussion you can see that it was just a means of getting to this point indirectly.
    All that it really accomplishes is the creation of one more level of bureaucratic nonsense that absorbs money that would be better spent on the needs of the students.
    It also gives the school committee a little more power in appointing another body.
    The state can’t take over this rats nest soon enough.

  2. Town Government SucksJanuary 12, 2016 at 1:20 PM

    The school committee is just like the town council. Both have no idea how to straighten out the mess we are in so they slap on band aids and spend more money to divert attention from the fact that they have no ideas. In the meantime the taxpayers get to foot the bill.

  3. All this toxicity over a single Principal? Was there any progress when the two schools were consolidated? Grades went down, pregnancy of seventh and eighth graders went up.

    Will another failed open meeting law complaint be made if it is discovered that due to overwhelming support by the SC for the two School concept, that they proceeded with the plan under a Superintendent's directive instead of a SC vote? Why start the two school plan right after school vacation when they can wait for an official vote of the SC?

    What impresses me is the School webmaster. That guy or gal is on the ball. Town Hall should hire her or hire him for their web presence. As late as Christmas the Town's website still had Amelia on the Town Council.

    1. Post hoc ergo propter hoc.
      It’s Latin for a logical fallacy. It means that because one thing came after the other the first must have caused the second.
      So much for your argument that consolidation caused grades to go down or pregnancies to go up.
      You ask “Will another failed open meeting law complaint be made if it is discovered that due to overwhelming support by the SC for the two School concept, that they proceeded with the plan under a Superintendent's directive instead of a SC vote?” Ah, yes. And maybe it won’t fail.
      As for the rest of your tripe, McLoughlin could have said exactly the same thing, and she would have been just as wrong.
      Your solution? Let the webmaster determine what’s best for the town.
      You, sir or madam, are an absolute moron.

    2. Nothing was said about having the schools's webmaster run anything besides the town hall's website.

      The problem is that Boston has been msmimg theur recommendations for the schools for almost ten years, and they have declined.

      What is moronic is to believe that by welcoming them to take even more control, the schools will sonehow improve.

  4. I am still waiting for someone to demonstrate why two principals will do a better job than one when the thirteen middle/high or junior/high schools I was able to find function just fine with one principal.
    As I and others have pointed out all it does is increase costs taking money from other areas more related to the students’ needs.

  5. Let us open the first Kindelemiddle High School and everything will get better?


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