Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Selective Memory At Work

Today’s Worcester Telegram contains an article titled “Southbridge superintendent interviews planned Wednesday”.

In that article Southbridge School Committee Chairman Scott Lazo lashes out at the State DESE, local legislators and the previous school committee.

We have criticized Mr. Lazo and others in the past for overlooking the fact that in 2010 as members of the school committee they dissolved the search committee and went ahead without them. The “process” resulted in the selection of Eric Ely as Superintendent whose troubled term ended with his dismissal.

In today’s article it is reported, “He [Mr. Lazo] went on to accuse the state of meddling in the 2010 superintendent search that led to the hiring of Eric D. Ely, whose two-year tenure was troubled.
Reminded that he voted for Mr. Ely's hiring, Mr. Lazo said he only did so to show unity, after it was apparent Mr. Ely had the votes.”

This is in interesting contrast to reporting at the time.

In the Worcester Telegram of July 1, 2010, in an article titled “Southbridge picks new school boss”, it is reported:
Mr. Lazo was the most laudatory, saying he was impressed with how Mr. Ely and his staff handled the shooting death of an 11-year-old student, not on school grounds.
“In my time in government as a councilor and a School Committee member I have never seen an administrator deal with minorities the way this guy does,” Mr. Lazo said.
He said he and Mr. Jovan, after their site visit to Schenectady, looked at each other and said, “Whoa. He's too good to be true.”
Mr. Lazo noted that Mr. Ely's former colleagues praised him.
He said Southbridge doesn't do well in its outreach with its Hispanic population, but Mr. Ely got clergy involved in a mentoring program in Schenectady.
“They have tough demographics, tough neighborhoods,” he said. 

Does that really sound like someone who voted for Mr. Ely just to keep the peace?


  1. Do we need any more proof? Lazo is a congenital liar. The rest of his comments should be treated with as much respect.

  2. I was on that committee in 2010. Let's be honest here. We were dissolved because his friend Bishop was not selected to be superintendent. Lazo, Dominko and Jovan then chose Ely because they knew he had no other alternatives and they could control him. THEY ARE THE REASON WE ARE IN THIS MESS. The State fully supported the one candidate we brought forward. They did not interfere in anyway, on the contrary. This has been going on since they were in office...not just the recent committee. Arrogance. Pure and simple. Any of the candidates for the current superintendent position should be eliminated purely based on being dumb to even apply with a takeover looming. We all know who they will hire anyway...

  3. If you're from that school committee, then admit it: you only combined SMHS into one school so you could get rid of Bishop. You are worse than them hiring Ely - tenfold.

    Your offense is worse then Lazo, Dominko, Jovan hiring Ely.

    1. are you kidding me?January 19, 2016 at 5:25 PM

      You are clearly a supporter (if not one) of the Lazo gang. How can you even compare these two? There are legitimate issues surrounding the adoption of a management model that works in all other middle/high schools O’Brien has surveyed. On the other hand Ely came with a lot of baggage all of which became obvious during his tenure. We threw out the last bunch of clowns and now we look forward to the state doing it with the current crop.

    2. Admit it - I think "time to speak up" was referring to the 2010 superintendent search committee, not the School Committee. Duh

  4. I believe Mr. Lazo must suffer from either alzheimer's or dementia, he seems to always forget that he has had a hand in the condition of the schools.

  5. Stephanie DeMartinoJanuary 19, 2016 at 8:08 PM

    I agree with everything "time to speak up" said. Also, Ken O'Brien's pulling up the article from 2010. To the three Superintendent candidates, You should bow out now while you still have the opportunity. The State is coming. It's time to clean house.

  6. "R U Kidding Me" We R worse than Lawrence. They may lock kids in closets but SMHS could have a part in Caligular. A teacher getting caught smoking in their class room, two students getting caught having oral sex in the stairwell, and many torrid love affairs among staff. Bring in the state!!


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