Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Southbridge School Committee Meeting - January 26, 2016


  1. Wow. What a pathetic showing of defeated hubris. So was this the wake or the funeral for the Southbridge School Committee? Is the next meeting the remembrance?

    What does "public relations" mean? Probably something like "screaming on camera, during the no-power school committee play-time, that the takeover is bad"

  2. So will Mrs. Congdumb be advocating for the children of Southbridge from another town? Saw on social media her house is up for sale. Now you have to wonder is this a case of sore sport now that the School Committee has been neutered, she doesn't get show her talents for selecting the next great superintendent (we really dodge the bullet on that one), or did she finally realize the school district is horrible. It really doesn't matter, I am just thankful there will be one less up there and this one will not return (if she truly moves out of town). Olivo is gone as well, now if 4 of the remaining 5 would follow suit and ride off into the sun set.


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