Friday, January 22, 2016

Stanton Chosen As Granby Superintendent

The assistant superintendent of Southbridge Public Schools, Sheryl Stanton, has been tapped to be the new Granby superintendent.

The school board here had offered the position to Agawam High School principal Steven Lemanski last month on a 4-1 vote, and he had accepted, pending agreement on a contract. The other vote went to Stanton.

The district this week announced the parties did not come to a settlement, and consequently offered the position to Stanton.

"The Granby School Committee announced at their meeting on Jan. 21, 2016 that (it was) unable to come to an agreement with Steven Lemanski regarding a contract as the next superintendent of the Granby Public Schools," the board said in a prepared statement released Friday morning.

"Mr. Lemanski recently informed the Committee that he decided to withdraw his name from consideration for the position. The School Committee voted unanimously to accept Mr. Lemanski's letter declining the position," the panel said.

"The committee also voted unanimously to offer the position to Sheryl Stanton, one of the finalists for the Superintendent's position."

Contacted Friday, the new superintendent-designate said she plans to accept the Granby position, pending agreeing on a contract with the school board.

In addition to her role as assistant superintendent in Southbridge, Stanton has also served as that district's interim school chief. Prior to Southbridge, she was a principal at Ludlow public schools.

Stanton earned a master’s degree in secondary education and teaching from College of Our Lady of the Elms.


  1. What a great photo-a fine looking woman. Her attractive nature doesn't come across as well when she is often put on the defensive.

    You can't blame her for jumping off the ship before her reputation gets ruined for working in by the State. Real EstTe,values will be foing down even.more, ftaxes are going to rise as well.

    Is J.I. Morris still making screws? We are no.longer the eye of the Commonwealth We are going to be the Screwed and the sued.

  2. Don't ever look backJanuary 23, 2016 at 3:27 AM

    Sheryl Stanton, Thank you for your service and for stepping up and answering the call every time you were called upon. Especially, after being told you weren't experienced enough to lead us. When those on the SC came right back to you time and time again in need and you answered those calls. You will see a High school-Middle school reorganization here in Southbridge but it won't be your idea, (Cough , cough)

    Southbridge provided you with all the experience and tools you will ever need to be successful in a properly run school district without the local political chaos. Add those recent skills and experiences to your previous experiences and be happy and successful in Granby. I wish you the best.
    Don't look back you deserve this advancement.
    Again, Thank you for your service to our town.


  3. Let's face it. Until the state makes their "official" decision on what they plan to do with the Southbridge school system, none of the current candidates for Superintendent want to chance taking the job from our school committee. The school committee should just abandon their search for the time being, following the advice of the state, and wait until the state informs the town of their plans. Otherwise, we're going to hear a series of "no's" from any and all the remaining finalists.

  4. Stephanie DeMartinoJanuary 23, 2016 at 10:44 AM

    I don't believe we are going to hear no from the remaining candidates. Would you say no to the possibility of earning $140k? This whole Sh*t show has become nothing more than a Pissing contest between the SC Chairman and the Commissioner. Neither one is backing down. The students are now collateral damage in this battle for power.

  5. Shit show is well said..this town has been this way for a long time. We been complaining about the schools for years with nothing taking place.Now is the time to rebuild let the state do this get rid of everyone start over. That's the best thing


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