Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Such A Deal

The first Charter Review Committee, on which I served, recommended making the Board of Health an elected body. The town council, led by Cathy Nikolla and the subcommittee chaired by Larry Spinelli, gutted that proposal. The voters sat by and let the council have its way. Are you happy now?


  1. So other towns can have unlimited trash disposal at our dump but we're being limited.

    1. Dawn, you are overlooking that for every three pounds of trash another town dumps here, the Town Treasury gets almost a penny.

  2. Little Caesar with a Napoleon Complex.January 14, 2016 at 1:39 AM

    turn the video sound off and imagine him saying this.

    I am little Caesar with a Napoleon complex.
    I run this town or at least that is my intent until the BOH mandates it.
    Bylaws , I laugh at your Bylaws I am little Caesar the Wealth Director,
    I fine you if you don't comply, 250 dollar
    Contract, I laugh at what that contract says I wasn't around when the Ink dried. I have intent and you will obey.
    Town Council, I laugh at you thinking you have the power of this town and represent the people. I have the almighty, egotistical, "APPOINTED" Bored of Health. I/we Mandate this town to follow our ideologue because I hope that department bonus thing is still around under this TM. and besides its just the right thing to do.

    Look my predecessor failed hard on the Smart Cart limitations over and over and over again and this a is my work around. I don't need the Council to approve my ideologue and revenue raising ways. I am Little Caesar the wealth Director, citizens and town councilors obey me!

  3. If they want to increase recycling compliance then they should pick up recyclables weekly.

    1. Little Caesar with a Napoleon ComplexJanuary 14, 2016 at 8:54 PM

      But... that will cost my good friend's Casella money to do that.
      I'm only interested in gouging the citizens of Southbridge and not Casella.

      That grab bar barrel is going to save Casella money and that is my intent which I will hide behind the BOH to mandate.
      So glad these people aren't elected and can be told if you want to stay on the board you will OBEY.

    2. It is unusual for me to sound like I am defend the Health Department Director, but the reality is that he is following the Directives of the Town Manager and the Chairman of the Board of Health, and they go out of their way to please the landfill operator.

      It is difficult for Casella to sell their company or the Southbridge contract when the volume of waste is currently unlimited in the agreement. The costs could exceed ten million dollars after closure, so any limits on our "free trash pickup; are comforting to a potential buyer.

      If the Town Manager and Council are willing to break the promises made to the people of Southbridge eight years ago by approving limits on our waste, when our landfill is at full capacity the operator must pay to remove our waste to another place, limits will save $Millions if inflicted on families.

      One thing I wish to add is that one of the Councilors made an unfair low brow comment on Monday during Councilors Forum suggestingthat one of the Citizen's that commented needs to recycle better. Her comment reminds me of tbe old saying "ignorance is bliss". It is easy to spew out such nonsense when the tolerant Gentleman was not present, but in fact he is one of the most avid recyclers in our community.

      The recommendation that trash should be compacted was not helpful at all either considering he has baby diapers that are best not squeezed and compacted.


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