Monday, March 28, 2016

Southbridge Council Of The Whole Agenda - March 31, 2016

Council Of The Whole

MacKinnon Council Chambers

March 31, 2016

6 PM


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  1. Why bother approving a budget that ignores certain substantial kegal fees?

    There has been a false mantra that the landfill will bring in big bucks, yet this budget counts,the incoming funds but ignores the significant legal costs related to the various pendinglawsuits related to the contaminated groundwater found as far as 5000 feet away.

    What is more disturbing is the "one more fix" proposal being pushed to allow a skyward expansion and putting it on top of the old unlined portion of the landfill, which adds almost impossible costs to a proper cleanup.

    The money set aside for closing was divided between the Town and Casella many years ago. All there is now is a bond, and that bond should be used to remove the unlined portion and putting it in the cell that is currently open. Then and only then should they be allowed to add waste to where the unlined portion remains. The DEP suggested this happen over seven years ago, but the Board of Health was too busy with the Site Assignment.

    If Casella is not up to the task, a RFP should be put out and somebody else can clean up the ness of the Company they acquired to get the so called contract.


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