Monday, March 21, 2016

Southbridge School Year 2016-2017 Budget

According to the DESE website Southbridge Public Schools and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education staff members will present the school year 2016-2017 budget at a Southbridge Town Council meeting on March 24. No such meeting is posted on the town's website as of yet.

In preparation, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education staff members are engaging in conversations with the Southbridge Town Manager and Southbridge Public Schools principals and administrators to assess the various needs and priorities for the coming school year. 

The final budget will be published on the Southbridge Public Schools website immediately following the March 24 presentation. As explained in February, Paul Dakin, former Superintendent of Revere Public Schools, continues to provide support to the district and the Commissioner has asked him to be the point person on the budget development process.

The process of identifying a receiver for Southbridge Public Schools is drawing to completion. Announcement of the selection for the receiver will be made before or just after tomorrow’s Board meeting. 

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