Friday, March 18, 2016

Town Council Secrets

It is interesting that no video exists of the Town Council meeting as a committee of the whole on March 9.

The only item scheduled for public discussion on the agenda for that meeting was the goals and objectives for the Town Manager during 2016.

The agenda for the upcoming meeting on March 21st does not contain the reading of any minutes from the March 9th meeting. 

When the question was raised as to whether the council’s committee of the whole meeting was held, one respondent noted:
Ask me no secrets March 15, 2016 at 11:50 AM
Yes it was held, and yes it is a very important meeting, and no, it was not on Cable.
And even though the Cable committee has run the equipment on many occasions without supervision or Mr. Montigny present, his,deoarture will likely be the reason given for not putting the meeting on Cable.

On January 29th I published a post titled Will The Council Shirk Responsibility Again?

In that article I wrote the following:
The agenda for the January 6th meeting of the General Government subcommittee contained the following item:
2. Review/discuss Town Manager Evaluation form.
At the January 11th meeting of the Town Council, Councilor Carrasco announced that he had minutes for the subcommittee meeting. However, he was still typing them up and they would be reported at a later meeting.
At the January 27th meeting of the Town Council Councilor Clemence had apparently assumed the chairmanship of General Government in light of Mr. Carrasco’s accession to Council Chair. She reported that she had no minutes and no meeting scheduled.
Let me ask the reading audience, “Do you remember the last time a Town Council reported an evaluation of the Town Manager?” I can’t. 

Is it merely coincidence that every discussion of matters related to the Town Manager’s performance criteria as well as his review in regard to those criteria seems to vanish into a black hole?

(Oh, by the way - the Council will vote to accept those goals and objectives on March 21, whatever they are.)


  1. If the Meeting was on Cable Access, airtime would have been given to the same chronic conplainers that try to pick on one particular company that pays more than their share around here.

    These barnyard animals ought to shut up and take the 2x4 out of their eye instead of pointing out the dyst in Casella's.

    And they can't prove the asthma is from you know where.

    1. First, there is no Ctizen's Forum during committee of the whole meetings.
      Second, the time is long past when the balance of the citizenry has to admit that they were bamboozled and outright cheated when the contract was approved.
      Third, and finally, the real blame has to go to those councilors who sold us out and kicked the fiscal can down the road so that they could look good at the time and leave the financial reckoning til now - years sooner than initially promised.

    2. Yup.....those "chronic complainers" picking on poor little Casella. Those Southbridge, CHarlton and Sturbridge "complainers" should be thankful for the truck noise, daily odors, dropping property values and especially the constant worry of drinking or bathing in contaminated water thanks to the growing underground toxic plume. Poor, poor Casella

  2. This accidental failure of transparency can be easily repaired-I'd hate to see the Town Manager's proverbial Honeymoon ruined over what appears to be chicanery to some, and bad form to others.

    Certainly this Council would not intentionally hide something so vital to transparency. All Mr. San Angelo needs to do is give his presentation again so the voters will know what to expect this coming year. Right?


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