Friday, April 15, 2016

Southbridge Board Of Health Meeting - April 14, 2016


  1. Being on any board is a thankless job dealing with the issue of the landfill is especially stressful right now. But the woman speaking has every right to be angry with Dean Cook. Did you notice the child covering her ears? In front of a public meeting, in front of cameras, in front of children and THIS is how Mr Cook reacts? Shameful and unprofessional, to say the least!

  2. What you mamby pamby treehugging idiots do not realize is that thanks to Dean Cook's creative placement on the board of health, the landfill expansion would have never occured.

    Now you Miss Manners fans want to throw him under the bus because of one four letter word. Let the first one of you self righteous hypocrites that never said that word in anger throw the first stone!

    Thanks to Dean Cook on the board, each taxpayer can be grateful to Dean because his providing cover on ridiculous envirofreak laws is providing you the equivalent of a large coffee and a doughnut at DD every week of the year, each and every year since that hearing. Times are hard, and thst adds up. It also helps keep our resl estate affordable.

    As far as water and air contamination that foolish waste of taxpsyers dollars just approved by the board to test the walls of the crybabies will prove that only Charlton water is contaminated, and the bad air is only giving a few people on Worcester Street and the Flat problems, and most of the people on the Flat ain't real Americans anyway. The Puerto Ricans have asthma because they can not handle the cold anyway-nobody can prove it is from the landfill.

    1. Bottom,the cold effects asthma in people of all nationalities. Cold air does not cause asthma, it triggers asthma symptoms.

      Also Puerto Rico has been a part of the USA for over a Century.

      Former Council Chair Moriarty has posted something on Facebook that actually makes as many excuses for Dean Cook as you do, but does recommend they either let his term run out or resign.

      Resignation might be easiest for Dean, but I want to see how the Councilors that are up for re-election vote on showing him the door. If they don't fire him, anything goes at citizen's forum as long as the speaker apologizes for profanity.

      After reading Shawn's post, I actually don't mind his resignation anymore considering what he had to say about those resisting the giant landfill project. You two are peas in a pod.

    2. Bottom Line-these comments are so erroneous it is amazing. Environmental laws came into being because pollution brought 20 immediate and 70 subsequent deaths to the Denora PA community and sickened 4,000 from poisoned air. It is clear that you have no comprehension of science nor medical issues, nor how government is supposed to be run in a respectful manner. Many people on the Flat have been residents long before you ever spewed from wherever with the social virulence all real true Americans condemn. We don't embrace ignorant rhetoric.
      Like it or not, this nation has laws for citizen's rights, and, members of any appointed or elected Boards have responsibilities with their roles in both conduct in dealing with the public, as well as their due diligence as members of the Board. The bottom line is this member has failed in numerous segments of his responsibility. Time he was removed and replaced by a responsible person. He has clearly displayed he's unfit to serve in the appointed role.

  3. You have to have a thick skin to serve in a public position. You must be able to deal with an angry public because people have to be pretty upset before they will show up at these meetings. There's no excuse for Mr. Cook's behavior.

  4. This coming Thursday, the General Government subcommittee will be meeting at 6:00 p.m. in Town Hall.

    This is the Committee that is responsible to recommend to the Council Mr. Dean Cook's removal from the Board of Health.

    Citizen's interested in good clean respectable local government should consider attending or at least contacting Chairwoman Denise Clemence or Councilor Manna to express your support for their removing Mr. Cook.

    Ms. Monique Manna was recently appointed to this committee by the Council Chair, and will probably be the Councilor making the motion. She was the Councilor that made the motion of No confidence in our School Committee. Mr. Nash, a Citizen nember of this committee, was an actual eye witness to the vile verbal assault.

  5. Can't control my fingers, Can't control my toes, oh no, oh no, oh noApril 18, 2016 at 1:36 AM

    When Vecchia couldn't control his finger at a school committee meeting Moriarty didn't do anything. Vecchia got a pass for his same profanity self expression so, I'm afraid the precedent has been set by Chairman Moriarty.
    elected vs appointed is what the real debate should be about.

    1. Precedent? LOL! What a stretch. You are comparing an off duty elected Councilor directing a rude hand gesture to another elected official to an on duty appointed quasijudicial official dropping the F bomb on a concerned citizen in front of her two young children.

      And why does Moriarity's opinion come into play in any way? His post yesterday was just another example of his talented fence walking act. Besides Mrs. Cook's excuses, that post was the most pro-Cook comment since Thursday night.

      Moriarity appeared to be more of an apologist than anything else.

      It was the voters place to recall Apple for the finger which would never happen because our Charter guideline makes it almost impossible to recall by design. BUT it is the job of the General Government subcommittee and Council, OR the Town Manager to remove Mr. Cook. If they fail to act, it is like they're are condoning the action.

      Unless the Town Manager belongs to that secret apron wearing club that Dean belongs to it is going to take more than a secret handshake to remain, because it would demonstrate a disregard for professionalism by our town that would equal Mr. Cook's attitude.

  6. If the issue is elected or appointed then appointed is the best course. As we have seen electing people in this community becomes a popularity contest and then things get all messed up.... Look at the problems with the past school committees. The problem is that there are no qualifications for elected officials whereas there can be qualifications for appointments. Maybe the powers to be should look into creating these qualifications and demand that they be adhered to....

  7. I am going to post my 2 cents. What Dean Cook said was wrong but does it warrant a removal or resignation ... one has to look at the issue with a open mind and not emotions or because of a particular side of the issue. Being a public non paying official is a difficult job in its self, countless hours of hard work, trying to do the best for the community in a whole and not for one side or the other but for the best of the community. The landfill is one of those issues that have to be looked at in a open and honest mind, the committee has to look at both sides and also with what the professional have to say and those professional hold more weight than the average Joe that really knows very little and operates on emotions (and thats ok) but the committee has to take everything into account and has to follow the rules and laws as much as we disagree. When and if it comes to taking action against Mr. Cook I hope that the Council Chairman and the Town Manager looks at it in a professional manner and take everything in consideration and not act by emotions, Mr Cook has devoted many years of hard work,at no cost to the community looking to do what is best for the community and this should be looked at. At the very least Mr Cook needs to apologies to the lady and the community for what he has said and the rest of us need to move on. I would sign my name but the personal attacks that will follow this post is something I don't want. I don't need anonymous calls or emails thanks but no thanks

  8. Two cents, I agree with some of shat you say, fir example, we should,be listening to the Professionals, but we have,two different definitions of professionals.

    Georgie, no need to worry about personal attacks. That was the technique used by the town officials in an attempt to punish the various messengers 6-7-8 years ago because their message was too difficult to challenge. In every way, the criticisms of the $108 Million contract 6-7-8 years ago have proven themselves to be true.

    And despite assurances that the operator fusing up our landfill would earn the town of Southbridge $108-$163 Million, we have recieved a little less than 25% of the promised payment.

    The only professionals we need are Doctors that will recognize cancer risks when they flow almost a mile from the landfill, something that we were promised would trigger the site assignment getting pulled.

    Former waste company employees that come up with ridiculous laundry detergent conspiracy theories to explain away the contaminated ground water that challenges the DEP have NO business sitting on the board of health, although Mr. Cook's work has certainly earned him place on the Board of Casella Waste Systems of Vermont.

    When a board member provides cover for an operator that violates the site assigbnment conditions, he is working hard for that business, certainly not for the people of Southbridge.


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