Thursday, May 26, 2016

Who’s Dumber, Trump Or His Supporters?

Ken O’Brien

I have sat back in stunned disbelief as an orange-skinned toupee mannequin has cruised to the Republican nomination for President.

I am now even more steeped in disbelief as I watch the leadership of the Republican Party dutifully assemble in support of this centerfold for Carrot And Moss Monthly. Never has there been more profound evidence of the observation that while Democrats fall in love Republicans fall in line. 

Just what is it that has somehow convinced nearly half of our voting population that this spray-tanned meat puppet is qualified to be named to the highest office in the land?

The most immediate response I hear from Drumpf –loons is that “he tells it like it is”.

Like what is? Like Obama has been hiding his birth certificate to obscure the fact that he was born in Kenya? Like there were thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering as the twin towers came down? Like Hillary and Bill were responsible for the death of Vince Foster? Like wanting to see Obama’s grades from Columbia saying that they weren’t good enough to get into Harvard Law where Obama, in fact, made the Law Review? Lie trying to resurrect the already debunked Whitewater charges against Secretary Clinton? Like women should be legally prosecuted for having an abortion?

Another frequent reason cited by adherents of the thrice-married hand model for dollhouse furniture is his business acumen.

Granted, the man’s a reasonably successful real estate developer. In addition he helmed a successful reality TV show. But those are two marginally successful outcomes from a career that also included Trump Airlines, Trump Beverages, Trump-The Game, Trump Casinos (he stepped down as Chairman in 2008 after missing a $53 million debt payment and declared bankruptcy), Trump Mortgage, Trump Steaks, (a travel site), Trump Towers Tampa, Trump University, Trump Fragrances, Trump Underwear, Trump Mattresses and Trump Vodka.

In addition, we have no way of knowing his real net worth. It could be $10 billion as he claims. It could also be $250 million as others contend. Without his tax returns we have no way of knowing how he values his assets or to what extent that they are leveraged by debt. The difference is that between being an extraordinary business success and the equivalent of a Powerball winner.

What we do know is that the two years of returns that he provided to the New Jersey Gaming Commission in order to gain his casino license showed that he paid no taxes for both those years. So who’s going to pay to rebuild “our third world airports and roads and bridges” against which he rails? Does he think a Republican Congress is going to change the tax laws from which he has benefitted?

Another reason given by devotees of the random insult generator for their unwavering affection is his commitment to self-funding his campaign. Well, of course that is done now that he’s got the nomination (even though it would require only 10% of his self-proclaimed wealth). But, then again, it only took four months for him to come up with the $1 million he pledged to veterans (even though we’re still waiting for an accounting of who actually got the money he claims to have raised in lieu of a debate appearance). Anyway, who couldn’t self-fund when receiving all the free exposure this lump of greedy flesh with a tangerine fringe received from a fawning and ratings hungry media. Wait and see if what he did lend (not donate) to his primary campaign is repaid by money raised for the general election.

That basically summarizes the reasons given for his supporters’ devotion. None cite his policy prescriptions as having anything to do with their undying affection – perhaps because they don’t have the slightest idea what they are. Even if they did have an iota of understanding on where he stands on any issue we all know that none of them constitute any kind of commitment. They are all, as he has said, merely “suggestions”.

There’s a clear answer to the question I raised in the title of this piece. The dummies are his supporters. They dance to the strings he pulls and will defend him regardless of what stupid garbage spews out of his tiny little pie hole.

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