Sunday, June 19, 2016

Southbridge Town Council Agenda - June 20, 2016

Town  Council Meeting

MacKinnon Council Chambers

June 20, 2016

7 PM



  1. On Item #10 I wonder if anybody on the Council will ask Ms. Stephens if she will support the expansion of the landfill.

    1. If she is being appointed because of a resignation should it be for three years?

    2. I don't know. Those listed as members on the BOH website don't have any appointment dates next to their names.

    3. Based on the claim last year that the Council is not supportive of expansion (this was during the meeting in which Mr. Paicos, Councilor Manna, and Councilor Clemence pushed hard to borrow $6 Million to build Casella a leachate pre-treatment facility), you would think that at the subcommittee meeting that recommended approving Mr. San Angelo's selection, that any question related to her landfill position was considered the epitome of rudeness. Not only did the Town Manager make it clear she was uncertain and open minded on this subject, he stated that another potential appointee-former Councilor David Livengood had no position either way because years have passed since his vote in favor of the landfill contract.

      If nobody on the Council has the gumption to do their job by conducting the essential due diligence on this matter, we may be doomed to continue to accept annual landfill payments that may never add up to the related liability-an inconsiderate cruel game of kick the fiscal can upon the future of this community.

      According to Mr. San Angelo, his appointee is not a Doctor, but she is the next best thing-she is married to a Doctor.

    4. I find it hard to believe that a town manager would make such a statement. Where is the proof?

    5. It is on video. You will be able to see it after the election.

    6. Liar liar pants on fireJune 23, 2016 at 10:21 PM

      Where is the proof? Another flat out misleading statement from the peanut gallery.

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