Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Remember The Line About Chickens Coming Home To Roost?

Just imagine what'll happen if you succeed in your efforts to close the landfill!
(Maybe you should have listened to me a year ago. 
See Reset The Tax Levy Limit)


  1. Is it too late to put this on the November ballot?

    How many signatures are needed?

    1. It couldn't be on the November ballot. It would have to be on the next town ballot next June. It would require approximately 550 signatures (5% of the registered voters as of the last town election).

  2. so we should be proud that all we have is a landfill, meth clinic, welfare office and a whole bunch of bars......while towns around us have grand openings of top businesses all the time while their residents pay cheaper taxes than us? this town will never go anywhere while we continue to suck on the giant trash teat and its killing home values and moral, not to mention all the lawsuits and cleanup costs coming down the road. but hey, let's continue to get screwed by Casella while we recieve pennies compared to what we were promised, good thinking. maybe you can sell bottled leachate someday?

    1. Have you done anything but complain?
      I bitch too, but I also offer concrete suggestions for positive action.
      You don't do anything but whine.

    2. P.S. I tried to rescind the Casella contract when I was on the Council before we got hooked on the "giant trash teat".

    3. really.......all i do is whine? i don't recall seeing you at any BoH meetings in the past few years? sub committee meetings involving the landfill? combined town meetings about the landfill. letters, emails and visits to DEP, MEPA, state reps etc. Numerous town meetings suggesting ideas to help reduce the truck noise for those around the landfill. etc. etc. Helping campaign for candidates who apposed the expansion and actually had good ideas. But all i do is whine right? while you sit in your underwear and bash everyone in town, calling names and making digs at people who don't agree with you. if you want to keep siding with Casella then that's your right......but take your blinders off and try to look down the road at the red flags going off. If you love Southbridge like I do.....then you should want better than a landfill and a welfare office. this used to be a GREAT town and it will never get better while we are being raped by Casella while they are laughing to the bank

    4. You've learned well from your cartoonist mentor.
      Excuse me, but where in that diatribe (or should I say whine list) was any positive suggestion?
      Could you refrain from any further comments please. We're discussing the suggestion for a tax levy underride that I put forward a year ago. Your rants about the landfill are amply documented on other sites.

  3. Someone cited my statistics on residential property tax rates for this area for 2012. I thought I'd provide the data for the 2016 property tax rates. Here it is:
    Southbridge 20.21
    Brimfield 17.26
    Brookfield 19.50
    Charlton 13.78
    Dudley 12.18
    East Brookfield 17.46
    Holland 16.08
    Spencer 14.29
    Sturbridge 19.21
    Webster 15.14

  4. New Chairman time.July 7, 2016 at 9:37 PM

    If you had as much as experience as Councilor Clemence you'd realize as she has indicated that our tax rate is somewhat higher because we have more services than any of these towns.

    aLSO, IN ORDER TO INCREASE THE MARKETABILITY OF OUR HOMES IN THIS MARKET, our more modest real estate values will increase the odds of attracting even more job yielding factories to our industrial park.

    1. When it gets down to having food on the table or keeping the Charter Premium Gold Package which do you choose?
      That is how it's getting for many with paying for these "services" or keeping their home.
      But there are plenty of places to cut before we deal with services. The town bureaucracy is bloated beyond any level of actual need.
      As for the second part of your statement, it's just nonsense.


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