Friday, August 26, 2016

Beware The Bomb-Throwers

Clearly the issue of well contamination in Charlton has resulted in frayed nerves and serious health concerns.

However, the use of this issue as a means of attacking Casella, the operator of the Southbridge landfill, has reached absurd levels.

Foremost to blame for this irresponsible behavior is local “activist” John Pulawski. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hypocrisy Over The Clinton Foundation

How many of the dumb-ass members of Congress who are screaming about the Clinton Foundation contributors do precisely what they are supposedly attacking?

Nobody can show that Hillary Clinton did anything more for contributors than possibly meet with them. There is absolutely no evidence that their contributions had any influence on policy.

How many of those same Congress people (to take one example) vote against background checks on gun purchases because of contributions from the National Rifle Association despite the fact that Americans of all stripes overwhelmingly approve such legislation?

This is just one more example of the right creating an issue where none exists. In the process they are wiping out one more force for good in the world.

Monday, August 15, 2016

How Right-Wing Lies Become Mainstream News

The Fox Cycle, Explained
Media Matters

The Fox Cycle is the process by which Fox News pushes right-wing fringe stories into the mainstream news. Fox distorts facts, spreads myths as truths and devotes heavy, one-sided coverage to make viewers believe in baseless, manufactured stories -- and, worse, to convince mainstream media outlets to cover these lies.

The Fox Cycle occurs in six steps: 

Lying Liars Who Lie: 2016 Edition

Rob Taber
The Mormon Press

It was the picture that shattered all of our records.

The idea behind it is simple enough. Take the politicians who have been active enough on the national stage to get fact-checked by PolitiFact at least 50 times since the start of 2007. Look at all of their ratings and tally them. Place the tally in the chart. Not scientific by any means, but interesting. (Update 7/21/2016: Trump's "truthiness" rating, to use Nolan's criterion in his comment of "true" + "mostly true," currently sits at 11%, which is a small gain from the ~7% when the chart was made, but still well behind Michele Bachmann. Hillary's "truthiness" is at 51%, which is largely unchanged. Again, this chart is not scientific and the post is more about the response to the chart than the chart itself.) 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why a Tax on Wall Street Trades Is an Even Better Idea Than You Know

Robert Reich
One of Bernie Sanders’s most important proposals didn’t receive enough attention and should become a law even without a president Sanders. Hillary Clinton should adopt it for her campaign.

It’s a tax on financial transactions.

Putting a small tax on financial transactions would:

Monday, August 8, 2016

Consultant: Landfill not source of well contamination in Charlton

By Brian Lee
Telegram & Gazette Staff

No available information points to the landfill as the source of contaminated private wells in the area of H. Foote Road in Charlton, the town’s consultant on landfill matters, Tighe & Bond, told councilors Monday.

Last fall, Casella announced 1,4-dioxane was detected in 21 wells in Charlton, with eight exceeding the state drinking water regulation. The state later named Casella the potential responsible party.

Jeffrey Arps, an environmental expert for Tighe & Bond, told the council that groundwater doesn’t travel uphill, and the impacted homes are 80 feet above and northeast of the landfill. Groundwater is flowing in the opposite direction, he said.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hires Proposed For Landfill Expansion Hearings

Brian Lee
Worcester Telegram 

The lawyer for the Board of Health has proposed hiring a hearing officer and a new consultant for hearings for Casella Waste Systems' push to enlarge one of the state's biggest landfills.

Southbridge Recycling & Disposal Park, a Casella subsidiary, wants to expand the landfill by about 20 acres and to create of a new disposal area encompassing about 14 acres. Casella would build earthen berms up to 60 feet high around the existing landfill. The design change would be considered "a major permit modification." The landfill's most recent alteration, in 2008, was considered a minor permit modification in that it changed the operation to allow disposal of up to 405,600 tons of waste per year. The size of the landfill stayed the same eight years ago.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

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