Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How Wrong Can You Be?


  1. Read the Matt Tabbai take on it in the Rolling Stone. He explains it best. Guess too many elitists failed to figure out we were just tired of all the shit Ken. This is what I posted on my FB page the other day.

    Now that the dust has settled and the furor of the election is over I have one comment on all of this. For the last 18 months people who have been tired of the usual insanity that passes for politics in Washington have been told how we are racists, misogynists, rednecks, haters, and on and on. All I was was fed up. Tired of the BS that passes for policy in Washington, tired of blowhard politicos telling me Black Lives Matter, (hint here, ALL Lives Matter) tired of watching police being gunned down, tired of senseless looting when someone did not get their way, and just plain tired. I follow Matt Taibbi in the Rolling Stone who is the closest thing to Hunter Thompson we will ever see, but his political rhetoric was maddening this past year. As he writes in his article to sum all of this up he says,
    “Those of us whose job is to cover campaigns long ago grew accustomed to treating the people as kind of a dumb animal, whose behavior could sometimes be unpredictable, but in the end, always did what they were told.” He goes on to write about the 60 Minutes interview Steve Kroft conducted Beltway pollster Frank Luntz and in the interview Luntz tells him that American voters, “That’s not blowing off steam. That is a deep seated resentment”.
    Sums it all up for me. I was tired of a president who for whatever reason refused to lead, who refused to voice an opinion about cops being killed, about allowing nukes to go to Iran, of business as usual, allowed disrespect for the flag, of a nation that while the symbol of a man of color running our nation should have been an emboldened move by an electorate not afraid to break tradition, turned into a sociological study for will this ever happen again? I am tired, and cautiously optimistic about this presidency just like every other presidency. Hilary was a political shill embraced by the party and her followers who were more interested in a first woman president than they were with a political leader who had so much criminal baggage that in other circumstances would have been in prison. Every night I say a prayer for this country. Maybe you should to.

    1. No sooner do we get the mess created by one Republican cleaned up than people like you elect another one to repeat the process. Your attempt to blame Obama overlooks the fact that the way our Republic is structured clearly prevents that when the House and Senate are controlled by a party whose stated goal was to make him a one-term President.
      The brief period when he had a cooperative Senate saw a stimulus plan that was effective in America’s recovery contrary to the austerity programs followed by the rest of the Western economies. It included the bailout of the auto industry and an undisturbed string of positive employment numbers. The Affordable Care Act extended health insurance to millions previously uninsured and eliminated the provisions on pre-existing conditions. Its shortcomings could have been overcome (just as was the case with social security and medicare) were it not for intransigent Republican majorities in both houses. Your critique on Iran is just plain wrong as are your observations on other right-wing gibberish.
      You (like so many other misinformed Americans) refuse to realize that the real villain was Ronald Reagan who paved the way for the current subjugation of the lower and middle classes at the hands of the wealthy through his radical fiscal policies which George H. W. Bush rightly termed “voodoo economics.” When are you going to wake up to the reality that thirty five years of propaganda by the true plutocratic elitists have people like yourself voting against your own self-interest?


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