Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hypocrisy Over The Clinton Foundation

How many of the dumb-ass members of Congress who are screaming about the Clinton Foundation contributors do precisely what they are supposedly attacking?

Nobody can show that Hillary Clinton did anything more for contributors than possibly meet with them. There is absolutely no evidence that their contributions had any influence on policy.

How many of those same Congress people (to take one example) vote against background checks on gun purchases because of contributions from the National Rifle Association despite the fact that Americans of all stripes overwhelmingly approve such legislation?

This is just one more example of the right creating an issue where none exists. In the process they are wiping out one more force for good in the world.


  1. I agree Ken and this is just one more bunch of sour grapes like the E mails and Obamacare that occupies Congresses time while they do little to nothing to address important pressing issues. Instead of tearing down the Clinton Foundation how about addressing the American Foundation = infrastructure

    1. This is just a clear example of what has gone on for eight years. Congress - controlled by Republicans - has blocked any progress on any front. The Republican Congress has been obsessed with repeated investigations of Obama and Clinton, none of which have turned up anything of consequence.

  2. I think it all started when Gingrich was elected speaker and brought southern style politics to the national stage. The Republican party has been going down the path to Crazy for a long time. It may have finally got there.


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