Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bill Maher: New Rule - Laboratories of Democracy


  1. How long will Conservatives allow their ideology to trump fact-based reality?

  2. As long as you get your news from a comedian, maybe you should check your truth?????

    1. Like so many other Trumpkins you obviously can't handle the truth, no matter where it comes from.
      How many times did House and Senate committees conclude that Clinton did nothing wrong in Benghazi, yet you continue to scream it.
      How agitated did you get over Clinton's private email server, yet Trump's White House is using a private server right now.
      As long as you continue to get your news from Fox, Limbaugh and Jones the rest of us will have no choice but to resort to humor in an effort to cope with low information voters like yourself.

  3. And as long as Democrats put their faith in a candidate as vile, disgusting, untrustworthy, and in charge of one of the countries biggest scams (Clinton Foundation), the heart of America will always go with the lesser of two evils. Trump was/is the lesser of two evils. Incompetent, yes, not qualified, definitely, No clue another definitely. But the other chose was worse and more disgusting. Clinton was out of touch with the middle class, she blames Wisconsin for being her downfall due to Voter ID. the truth of the matter is she never campaigned in the state, totally ignored the people of that State, then blames her loss on Voter ID issues? Give me a break! She lost because she sucks plain and simple. We have an unqualified idiot in the White House, that's how bad Hillary is/was as a candidate. Kind of like the Patriots coming to Southbridge for a football scrimmage against Southbridge High School and getting their ass handed to them! No one to blame but herself and her campaign managers! Suck it up Buttercups, the chickens have come home to roost!

  4. MakeAmericaGreatAgainJune 5, 2017 at 11:19 PM

    Trump University is coming to Southbridge. We need to feed the chickens.


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