Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Budget Substitutes Taxes For Landfill Revenue

Just as I have been predicting, the loss of revenues from the landfill will fall squarely on the taxpayers of Southbridge

 The budget presentation for the next fiscal year proposes to eliminate $920,000 from landfill revenues that the town relies upon to finance its operating budget. And how is this accomplished?  Simple – Gross Increase at Projected Tax Levy for the next fiscal year increase by $994,429.

At the same time, when adjusted for the increased tax rate, the contribution from new growth is projected to decline by almost 20%.

 How long will it be at this rate before “new growth” becomes negative and taxes increase just to maintain current levels of service? 


  1. Assesors office added a new position..Airport is spending money wildly..hyway dept has new trucks and equipment..cops have a dozen employees have newer vehicles and nice homes and good benefits..not to mention they make alot more money than they ever did..all at the expence of our life long hard working imbalance between town employees and town tax payers...

    1. What a silly conclusion-the expenses you list are what we have been doing with our landfill money, plus we have been paying of the Town Employee pension, too.We are paying their pensions now so they will get pensions after we go bankrupt like Springfield.

      The question of the DECADE is HOW are we going to pay the $40 MILLION that we will likely have to pay when we lose the Federal Lawsuit against us and our partner Casella from the victims of the contaminated water.

      What are we going to do? Open three more landfills to pay the judgement?

      What we earned over our lives has lost a fifth of our value due to the landfill hurting the value of out homes. If you want to save another $40,000. you better sell what is left before the taxes go through the roof from the $40 million judgement.

    2. We've lost far more in property values due to our school system than anything to do with the landfill.


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