Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Twitter Feed On DESE Meeting Regarding Southbridge Schools

Ken O'Brien

8:30 AM

There's a contingent from Southbridge here today including @AmeliaPeloquin (also @BLeeTG, so local coverage) #MAEdu

At Mass Board of Ed meeting to hear discussion about the District Review report. Southbridge SC members Lazo and Bishop are here as well.

Tracy Novick ‏@TracyNovick  
Fryer and Noyce not at Board today #MAEdu

Chester January meeting will be part joint with Higher Ed Board #MAedu

10:30 AM

Rob Curtin of DESE is reporting out findings of Southbridge District Review. Commissioner Chester calls findings "alarming." #MAEdu

Southbridge now #MAEdu

Southbridge all 3 schools in the lowest 10% of schools in state (8,3,6) only schools lower for middle/high are alternative schools

four year graduation rate of 62.9% dropout rate is twice the state average #Southbridge #MAEdu

#Southbridge 10% of all students suspended at least once, 19% of secondary students #MAEdu

"leadership is in a state of disarray" "this primarily falls into school committee not adhering to its roles and responsibilities" #MAEdu

ESE states leadership of district "in a state of disarray" with problems in governance and turnover in key positions.

Tracy Novick ‏@TracyNovick  #Southbridge Q: how were they appointed? not through public process, public interviews #MAEdu

interims "in some cases, it was an individual approaching the district and offering their services, or someone knowing someone" #MAEdu

#Southbridge instruction at middle/high school lacks challenge and well-structured lessons #MAEdu

State Ed monitor telling board #southbridge schools have had 43 people in 9 admin positions since '11, with 35 transitions

Rob Curtin of DESE states incomplete development and alignment of curriculum, lack of district wide assessment system, no strategy for data

Professional development is also an area of concern, they want to see teacher involvement in developing PD in Southbridge.

#Southbridge "needs of English Language Learners are not being met at all" #MAEd

Brian Lee ‏@BLeeTG  State monitor says needs of English learners not being met "at all"

District is 17% ELL, Mr. Curtin states we are not staffed appropriately to provide services for these students

Decreased financial support from the Town while high needs population is increasing.

Commissioner Chester "Level 5 is not off the table"

Commish Mitchell says receivership is not off table for deeply troubled #Southbridge district

Chairman Paul Sagan says "lights are on and no one is home" concerning Southbridge district

"we are looking at a district that has not come together" and it's "gravely concerning"

"all the planning that can be done...is not possible to be carried out effectively without stable leadership in place" #MAEdu

Tracy Novick ‏@TracyNovick   Chester: level 5 is not off the table in my consideration "incredibly troubling" #Southbridge #MAEdu

Commissioner Chester "this is a deeply concerning scenario in Southbridge and I don't see it righting itself."

.@MAStewartMA would like to hear from MASBO, MASS, MASC about support to #Southbridge #MAEdu

Brian Lee ‏@BLeeTG  Commish Mitchell said doesn't see #Southbridge schools righting itself

Background on today's discussion of Southbridge schools by state Dept. of Elem and Secondary Education https://shar.es/1Gvx3t  Folow @BLeeTG

11:00 AM

Discussion on Dorchester Collegiate Charter School

11:10 AM
Tracy Novick Retweeted

Mike LeBrasseur ‏@MikeforSchools  Curious how Southbridge parents feel about their schools? Seems like candidate for state takeover, but should be a local decision #MAEdu


Discussion on Dorchester Collegiate Charter School continues


Board has moved on to a discussion of digital literacy standards

The O'Zone will update this information if more comments 
relative to Southbridge are made.

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