Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Making Facts Malleable

Ken O'Brien

I've often resorted to the observation that, "You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

However that is becoming increasingly more difficult to argue.

The reason is the growth of a conservative media offensive that willfully distorts verifiable facts to perpetuate an alternative view that supports their ideology. In a sense they have injected a religious component into their political ideology that dictates that adherents accept their version of the "truth" on faith.

Such is not merely a reversion to the since renounced medieval church's response to Galileo. It is also an oxymoronic adoption of the philosophy of Islamic fundamentalists that they so roundly abhor.

I've written several pieces that have illustrated the misinformation spread by Fox News as substantiated by serious academic research.

Now a new front in the Conservative campaign of expanding the echo chamber of misinformation has been launched.

Andy Schlafly has launched an alternative to Wikipedia  called Conservapedia.

There is no doubt that Wikipedia has its limitations and critics. They, themselves, have admitted these issues, and they have addressed them openly.

Such a self-reflective and self-critical position appears to be clearly lacking in Conservapedia.

Is it any wonder that America is falling so far behind many other countries in its commitment to education?

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