Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions for Southbridge Town Leaders

Ken O'Brien

New Year's Eve is traditionally a night given to thoughts of new beginnings.

We put behind us the mistakes and misgivings of the old year. One last night of revelry casts out the demons of the past to make way for the angels of rebirth.

To sanctify this commitment to a better future we engage in the crafting of New Year's resolutions. The exercise makes a concrete statement of how we plan to realize our phoenix-like ambitions.

In that spirit of starting over, let me suggest some resolutions for our current community leadership in Southbridge.

Councilor Dave Livengood "To have a makeover by the fab five."

Councilor Denise Clemence "To invest in a copy of Robert's Rules for Dummies."

Councilor Conrad Vandal "To never give up, never surrender."

Councilor Larry McDonald "To place in front of me at every meeting, 'brevity is the soul of wit' (Hamlet   Act 2, Scene 2)."

Councilor Larry Spinelli "To make an effort to up the wattage on that bulb by doing a little research."

Councilor Darlene Marcucci "To try to say something original."

Councilor Pam Regis "To imagine a constituency beyond the confines of town hall'."

Councilor David Langevin "To at least consider Spanx as an option."

Town Manager Chris Clark "To read 'Of Mice And Men'."

And our illustrious head of government and council chair Councilor Cathy Nikolla "To listen to the following song every night."


  1. What about Cathy?

  2. Stephanie J DeMartinoDecember 30, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    Oh my word! I thought for sure Butch's would have something to do with the Chartah!! lol

  3. To Anon:
    Re-read the last sentence.


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