Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snark Trumps Smart Again

Ken O'Brien

At last night's meeting the town council chairman once again demonstrated her ignorance of procedure.

In a none-too-veiled reference to the previous chairman Steve Lazo she remarked that unlike the case of the charter review committee she was not naming the chairman of the bylaw review committee. Rather, she would allow the committee to elect its own chairman.

Apparently she has forgotten that the town council rules provide that, unless otherwise stated, the council's conduct shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order.

Robert's Rules of Order, 10th edition, provides as follows on page 168:

"DESIGNATING THE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN. If the chair appoints or nominates the committee, he has the duty to select its chairman - which he does by naming that person to the committee first - and the committee cannot elect another. The chair should not state the name of any committee member until he has decided his preference for chairman. The chair should specifically mention as chairman the first committee member he names, but if he neglects to state this fact, the designation is nevertheless automatic unless the first-named member immediately declines the chairmanship (which the member can do, and remain on the committee). If the first-named member declines to serve as chairman, the chair then names his next choice for the position."

So, once again the chairman's snarkiness is undermined by her ignorance.


  1. Anne on a mouse.

    You're right again Ken. Clayton Carlisle named the late Laurent E. McDonald Chair of the Fire Station Building Committee when that committee was formed several years ago.

    Why didn't she let the Sub-committees vote their own chairperson as well? She just doesn't get it. So I guess technically, Kevin Buxton is the Chair of the Bylaw Committee? But forget it, this current council majority doesn't follow any rules, they make them up to suit them.

  2. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she thought that since Robert's Rules refers to the chair as "he", then "she" was exempted because of her gender.

  3. aka Jester

    Yup, I noticed the "he" standing all alone as well. I actually zeroed in on the Town Council Rules wording “unless otherwise stated” as possibly being the culprit. To be verbally communicated or contained herein; that is the question.

  4. You people just don't get it. When Madam Chair DEMANDS RESPECT, dammit, you give it to her!

    Or not. This twit doesn't get the fact that this is NOT her town, nor Clemence's.

    She's a rude biatch. The sooner people come to know that, the sooner we can claim our town back.

    She's also dumb as the night is dark.

    I'll translate for you, Cathy:

    You're a rude, uneducated, imbecile.


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