Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lazos Targeted Again

Ken O'Brien

Last Thursday night another act of vandalism marred the town of Southbridge.

The tavern that the Lazo family has been working to open on Mill Street was targeted by vandals who broke all the windows in the the establishment undergoing renovation with plans to open in the near future.

The location has been the focus of local controversy by those who have sought to gain control of the liquor license while the family has sought to overcome the financial constraints resulting from issues arising from a petroleum spill at a nearby facility.

In the midst of the economic downturn that has impacted this town, the Lazo family has not been left unscathed. Nevertheless, the ruling elite, who claim to be "business friendly" have made every effort to stymie attempts by the family to move forward. There are those who maintain that a particular Charter revision intended for the June ballot was intended to target this family in particular.

Quite frankly, I have to maintain that this family has engaged in numerous projects to benefit the community at their own expense. These range from providing services related to the W. W. II Memorial to the uncompensated service by family members on the Town Council, School Committee and the committee in charge of the construction of the new Intermediate/High School - as well as their involvement in numerous youth programs.

I can only hope that the local constabulary will be as diligent in pursuing those who might have been responsible for this offense as they have been in the past in pursuing those who agitated a former town councilor with twitter messages.

Somehow, however, I doubt that will happen.


  1. Chief Whigham Charette will jump on it as soon as he solves the case of Junior McCarthy and his drugs or fertilizer. In other words, never.

  2. In my opinion, the Chief HAS actually figured out what (if any) crimeS where being committed at that Rave in what feels like many years ago in a faded illusion that even the "future of Southbridge" nO longer chants the verses to. NO more talk Of hydroponic greenhouses filled with prosperous lpcal workers and tomato galore. Hehe, actually since the road was rammed down our throats with assurances of factories standing by and a local favored planning and developer a a partner to assure us that it was all on the Up & Up.

    As the owner and host of this informative and often entertaining BlOg has pointed out on numerous occasions, the parties in opposition to the Clark Regime and former Carlisle//Chernisky tag team are like the proverbial 'Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight, becaUSE ON MANY IF NOT DOZENS OF OCCASIONS, CLARK and his team have SO dropped and fouled the ball so often that even if there wasn't an opposition, the Clark operation would have been shut down and folded well over a year ago over fr gross negligence and a litany of lies that Chairman Nikolla wuld have never tolerated if she didn't have a United team of rabble for her to abuse and use as she wishes.

    But back to the subjects at hand-the picking on of the Lazo's-it is obvious and can not be denied. I personally witnessed Mister Clark speak of Steve LazO and imminent fraud charges on the horizon. OUTRAGEOUS and it annoys me greatly that the Council had s not FIRED Miter Clark n many occasions.

    The s-called United grup-it is obviou to me that their point of view n community health i spot on-and I understand the reasonimg behind the switch back to the Town Meeting with Selectmen, but what if the three Selectman are Nikolla, Clemence, and Spinelli. See mt pint? What we need to do is throw all of them out, even the so-called good ones. Yes Sir, a clean sweep.

    As for Danny boy, he is under the threat of being fired just like Zotos, just like Philbrook, just like that man on the Cable Committee that used to take minutes befre they tried to make him make convenient changes,

    Is it true that the LAST DPW Director left because he suggested using wells at the reservoirs instead of chloramines? Word is he was concerned about the new School being so close to an old dump. When will it end? Where are those awful DEP bureaucrats that told Mr Dark Clark that he must use chloramines "or else". Isn't this claim actually FRAUD ? He is still employed WHY?

    People are sick f thi, I usually dn't bother t vote on local elections, but this year we need a majr cleaning ut of trash.

  3. Plain and Simple this has nothing to do with the wild bunch, it has to do with the Lazo's themselves. They created it and they will have to deal with it. My understanding is that the former DPW director had enough of the BS over not just the school but a lot of other things and if you do the research you will see that the Lazo name may be involved. The sewer and water lines that went up the road to the school is undersized and it was opposed by the DPW director assistant and the Fire Chief they all had concerns about it,both of them are gone. the original design or should I say the first discussion about sewer/water was to go to Ellis Road, geez I wonder why. Lets get the Police Chief I wonder if the graduation party or the flower shop incident has anything to do with this. Time will tell. I will agree with most who post here and yes its time for the Town Manager to be gone, all we get is tax, water, sewer user fee increases and less and less and less. Just wait and see what that new school is going to cost.more and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$ that's what its going be and we didn't even get to vote for or against it. Wait and see what name is going to be attached to that. Who is going to be in charge of the new school when it opens, the Band Director who got him that job. Nobody is water boarding the Lazo name only the Lazo's can do this it just appears that with many problems and issues happening in town its that familiar name attached to it. How come.

  4. This town should be put into receivership. It's an absolute embarrassment.


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